Answers to Your Questions

TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Academic Petition for Exception ProcedureAdmissions and Records/Registration  
General Education PetitionUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Add or Drop ClassAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Address ChangeAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Admission StatusAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Business Administration (undergraduate)CBAPP Advisement CenterSBS A-3193561
Business Administration (graduate)MBA Program OfficeSBS A-3252174
College of Arts and HumanitiesStudent Services CenterLIB 50832630/3264
College of Health, Human Services, and NursingStudent Service CenterWH C-3002120 or
1(800) 344-5484
College of Natural and Behavioral SciencesStudent Services CenterLIB 57213631
Declared MajorsMajor Department or Program  
General EducationUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
GraduateMajor Department or Program  
Public Administration (undergraduate)CBAPP Advisement CenterSBS A-3193516
Public Administration (graduate)MPA Program OfficeSBS A-3213465
Undeclared MajorsUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Alumni ActivitiesAlumni ProgramsWH C-4902237
Annual GivingAnnual GivingWH C-4902237
Application for Admission:   
UndergraduateOutreach and School RelationsWH D-2453696
GraduateOutreach and School RelationsWH D-2453696
Art ExhibitsArt GalleryLCH B-1143334/3855
Associated Students, Inc.Associated Students, Inc.LSU Room 2313686
Athletic Programs and Ticket InformationSports InformationHC3764
Auditing a ClassAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Audio VisualInstructional TechnologyLIB C-1213704
Books and SuppliesBookstoreLSU Room 2523789
Building Maintenance/Repairs/ProblemsFacilities ServicesPOA3804
Career InformationCareer CenterWH D-3603625
CashierCashier's OfficeWH B-2703780
CateringCampus DiningLSU Room 2153814
Center for Service Learning, Internships
And Civic Engagement (S.L.I.C.E.)
S.L.I.C.E.SCC 3002438
Change/Declaration of Undergraduate MajorMajor Department or Program  
Change of Graduate Status, Certificate,
or Pre-professional Objective
Graduate StudiesWH D-4453693
Child CareChild Development CenterCDC 1011015
Computer ProblemsIT Help DeskWH B-3702500
Copy MachinesLibraryLIB 2nd Floor3799
Career PlanningCareer CenterWH D-3603625
Psychological CounselingStudent Health and Psychological ServicesSHC A-1413818
Psychological CounselingCareer CenterWH D-3603625
Credit for Prior LearningUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Degree ApplicationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Degree EvaluationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Disabled Student ServicesStudent DisAbility Resource CenterWH 1803660
DisqualificationDean’s Office  
Distance LearningExtended EducationWH A-1202288
Distribution and PostingAdministrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)EOP OfficeWH D-3503632
ELM RequirementsUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Emergency MessagesState University PoliceWH B-1003639
Employment for Students (full-time and part-time)Career CenterWH D-3603625
English Placement Test (EPT) RequirementsUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Enrollment VerificationsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Environmental Health & Occupational SafetyEnvironmental Health & Occupational SafetyPOA F-0102895
ESL - American Language and Culture ProgramExtended EducationSAC 11433830
Evaluations/General EducationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Extension Class InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Facilities SchedulingProcurement & Contracts (P.C.L.A.S.S.)WH B-4852231
Fees - BillingStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Fees - PaymentCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
Financial AidFinancial AidWH B-2603691
Financial Aid Check DistributionStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Food Services/Campus Dining/CateringCampus Dining Services OfficeLSU Room 2153814
Grab & Go TorosWelch HallLower Level(310) 516-3701
Grab & Go Toros 2Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, 2nd floorSBS E-216(310) 516-3846
Forensics TeamTheatre ArtsLCH B-1042847
FoundationFoundationSCC 2-2023306
General Education AdvisementUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Graduate StudiesGraduate StudiesWH D-4453693
Graduation, Application forAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Graduation Requirements (B.A./B.S.)University Advisement and Testing CenterWH A-2203538
Greek Letter OrganizationsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Group Study SessionsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
GWAR/GWE RequirementsTesting OfficeWH A-2103909
Health CenterStudent Health CenterSHC A-1293629
Health InsuranceAssociated Students, Inc.LSU Room 2313686
Housing: On & Off-CampusHousingBldg. A2228
I.D. Card Replacement InformationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
InformationOutreach and School RelationsWH D-2453696
Informational PostingOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Installment Payment PlanStudent Financial ServiceWH B-2703780
Instructional Media CenterInstructional TechnologyLIB C-1213704
International Students:   
AdvisementAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
American Language and Culture ProgramExtended EducationSAC 11433830
Foreign Exchange LettersAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
Immigration FormsAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
Study AbroadInternational Education CenterSCC 136A3919
TOEFL TestingExtended EducationSAC 11433830
JobsCareer CenterWH D-3603625
Learning and Academic Support
Toro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
Leave of Absence, EducationalAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Live ScanState University PoliceWH B-1003343, 3639
Lost and FoundState University PoliceWH B-1003343, 3639
Name ChangeAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
New Student OrientationOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
NewspaperThe BulletinFH B-0092313
Older Adult ServicesOlder Adult CenterSBS B-2352003
Online CoursesDistance LearningWH A-1202288
Open UniversityExtended EducationEE 11003741
Organizations & ClubsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
OSHA Training Institute Education CenterExtended EducationEE 13002425, 3355
Osher Lifelong Learning InstituteExtended EducationEE 13003739, 3355
Outreach and School RelationsStudent Recruitment and InformationWH D-2453696
FeesCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
InformationParking OfficeSCC 2-2003725/3639
HandicappedStudent DisAbility Resource CenterWH 1803660
Pre-AdmissionOutreach and School RelationsWH D-2453696
Pre-Health Professions AdvisingBiology DepartmentNSM B-1043528, 3381
PoliceState University PoliceWH B-1003639
Police Anonymous Tip LineState University PoliceWH B-1003980
Reading SkillsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
ReadmissionAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
ReadmissionAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
ReentryCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703812
Refund ApplicationsStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703803
QuestionsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Registration - BillingStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Registration - Fees PaymentCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
Reinstatement, GraduateGraduate StudiesWH D-4453693
Reservations, meeting roomsAdministrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
ResidencyAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
RideshareTransportation ServicesSCC 1082893
Satellite/VideoconferencingDistance LearningWH A-1232288
ScholarshipsFinancial Aid OfficeWH B-2603691
Special Sessions, InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Spring IntersessionExtended EducationEE 11003741
Student OrganizationsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Study AbroadInternational Education CenterSCC 136A3919
Study SkillsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
Student Union (Room Reservations)Administrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
Summer Programs InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Teaching Credentials:   
Multiple and Single SubjectTeacher Education DivisionCOE 14013496
Administrative ServicesGraduate Education DivisionCOE 14103524
Pupil Personnel ServicesGraduate Education DivisionCOE 14103524
Special EducationTeacher Education DivisionCOE 14013496
Telecommunications Device for DeafDisabled Student Services OfficeWH 1802028
Telecommunications Device for DeafLibrary Lobby2nd Floorpay phone
Test InformationTesting OfficeWH A-2103909
Theatre TicketsTheatre Box OfficeUTC B-1023589
Transportation ServicesSmall College ComplexSCC 1-1082893
Transcripts (CSUDH only)Admissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Travel Study ProgramsExtended EducationEE 11003741
TutoringToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
University AdvisementUniversity Advisement and Testing CenterWH 2203538
Vending Machines/RefundsCampus DiningLSU 2153814
 Primary vending locations include kiosks at SCC, LIB, and SAC 2 with locations in every building.  
Veteran’s Certification AssistanceVeteran’s Student ProgramsLIB 39413643
Winter Session, InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
WithdrawalsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903608
Women’s IssuesWomen’s Resource CenterSCC 1362486
Young Scholar ProgramDistance LearningWH A-1232288