College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences


Program Description

CSU Dominguez Hills offers a Pre-Engineering Program where students complete the first two years of their degree at CSU Dominguez Hills and may then finish the last two years of their major at a partnering CSU campus.


The Program includes the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering course work required in the first two years of work toward an Engineering Degree. Students have the benefit of close instructor contact, small class size, and easy access to a complete range of modern laboratory and computing facilities.

For further information, contact the Physics Department Office, NSM B-202, (310) 243-3591

Academic Advising

Individualized academic advising is an important feature of the Program. Students should contact the Office of the Dean of College Natural and Behavioral Sciences in order to be assigned an advisor to assist them in planning their programs. Since much of the course work must be completed in a specific sequence, it is important that students in the Program meet with their designated advisor each and every semester.


High school students planning to enter engineering are advised to pursue a strong program in pre-engineering subjects. At the minimum, these should include the following: Four years of mathematics, including advanced algebra, geometry and trigonometry; one year of biology; one year of chemistry; and one year of physics.  Analytic geometry, and calculus also are desirable.

Community college transfers may complete a portion of the Program at a community college. However, they should consult an engineering advisor to assure that their program is appropriate for the engineering program they plan to enter.

Program Requirements

Specific course requirements may vary somewhat, depending on the engineering major pursued. For this reason, it is important that students in the Program choose their area of engineering as soon as possible. However, most engineering programs require at least the following minimum core:

CHE 110. General Chemistry (5)

EGR 205. Mechanics (3) [I]

MAT 191. Calculus I (5)

MAT 193. Calculus II (5)

MAT 211. Calculus III (5)

MAT 311. Differential Equations (3)

PHY 130. General Physics I (5)

PHY 132. General Physics II (5)

[I] = course is infrequently offered


Course Offerings

The credit value for each course in semester units is indicated for each term by a number in parentheses following the title. For course availability, please see the list of tentative course offerings in the current Class Schedule.

Infrequently Offered Courses

The following courses are scheduled only on a "demand" basis. Students should consult the department office for information about the next scheduled offering.

EGR 101          Introduction to Engineering (3).

Prerequisite: MAT 191 (or co-requisite).

Basic topics in combinational switching circuits and digital computers.

EGR 205          Mechanics (3).

Prerequisite: PHY 130.

Fundamental principles of statics, kinematics and dynamics, with application to idealized structures and physical systems.

EGR 210          Electrical Circuits (3).

Prerequisites: PHY 132 and MAT 211.

Linear electrical circuits. Kirchhoff's laws, network theorems, mesh and nodal analysis. Thevenin and Norton equivalents. Simple RLC circuits. Phasors. Three-phase circuits. Two hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week.