Program Benefits

Become a life-changing math or science teacher in 18 months.

Teacher in ClassroomIf you're passionate about making a real difference in our local schools, the Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) Program at CSUDH puts you on the path to a life-changing career in education. One of the only programs of its kind in southern California, UTR offers a number of unique benefits for students committed to improving educational opportunities for children in surrounding urban communities.

Credential and Master's in 18 Months

Start making a difference sooner than you think. UTR's unique structure and intensive curriculum allow you to earn a Single Subject Credential that qualifies you to teach middle or high school math or science, while also completing your master's degree in curriculum and instruction in 18 months. You'll emerge from the program with an advanced degree as well as the tools needed to lead a classroom.

Hands-On Teaching Experience

UTR students complete an intensive year-long residency program under the close guidance of experienced mentor teachers at local partnering schools. Inside real classrooms, interacting with real students, you'll learn how to become an effective math or science teacher who inspires children while expanding knowledge.

$20,000 Living Stipend

Students completing the UTR earn a $20,000 stipend to help offset the cost of living, allowing them to focus full-time on completing their training. You can also qualify for a $4,000 federal grant each year.

Rigorous Preparation

UTR offers rigorous training and preparation necessary to becoming a highly qualified and effective math or science teacher in today's urban schools. UTR coursework is designed to meet the needs of partnering schools with a high demand for dedicated, well-prepared teachers.

Support at Every Step

Throughout the UTR Program, you'll be supported by CSUDH faculty and staff as well as your dedicated mentor teacher assigned to your residency. You'll have ongoing access to experienced, knowledgeable guides to help you prepare for the challenges and rewards of teaching in today's urban school.

Job Placement Assistance

CSUDH's College of Education has fostered strong partnerships with school leaders across the Los Angeles area. Our partnering schools provide residency opportunities for our students, and actively seek graduates of our UTR Program. We also offer job placement assistance at high-needs schools, with an exceptionally high placement rate.