Access During Construction

Facilities Planning, Design and Construction (FPD&C) is pleased to announce construction of a Site Utilities “Make-Ready” Project has commenced. 

The Site Utilities “Make-Ready” Project is in preparation for the demolition of the Small College Complex (SCC). The scope of work will remove and reroute existing utilities that will be impacted by the demolition of SCC-1 through SCC-13. The purpose of the Make-Ready Project is to maintain service to critical facilities and existing infrastructure, including communication lines, fire hydrants, pedestrian and parking lot light fixtures, parking permit dispensing machines, the Parking Services Information Booth (north of SCC), electric vehicle charging stations, and emergency phones around the SCC during and after the demolition phase. All offices located in the SCC will remain open during the “Make-Ready” Project. Additional information regarding office relocations prior to the demolition of SCC will be provided within the next couple of weeks.


C.W. Driver has been retained by the University to complete this project and has mobilized on site and initiated installation of underground site utilities. 

What's Required of Me?

Please be aware of construction activities around the SCC, including Parking Lot 2, and always watch for construction traffic, especially along Dominguez Hills Parkway. Pedestrian access around the project site will remain open and available with minor exceptions – Refer to the Pedestrian and Vehicular Access Plan (below) for more information. (Click on image for downloadable PDF.)



If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Stephen Chamberlain, Senior Project Manager, at (310) 243-3344 or via email at

Thank you for your patience during this project designed to advance the mission of CSUDH.