Campus Groups & Committees

Campus Web Groups & Committees

WAM Tech Group

The WAM Tech Group focuses on addressing and communicating the technical specifics of design, development, and maintenance. Group members consist of lead web administrators from each college, department, or major campus area and typically meet on the third Monday of each month at 3:00pm.

ATI Committee

The CSUDH Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee, comprised of CSUDH faculty, staff and administrators, meets to discuss strategies for the promotion of universal access to instructional material, procurement, and Web pages on the CSUDH campus. Chris Manriquez, Vice President and CITO for the Division of Information Technology and chair of the ATI Committee.

Web Users Group*

The CSUDH Web Users Group (WUG) is a social community to connect those with an interest or a role in campus web development, design, or content editing and management.

*You must be logged into the CSUDH campus network to access this site. (VPN required for off-campus access.)