CM1 Frequently Asked Questions

How to login?

Open a web browser and use URL

What should I use as username and password?

Use your campus account username and password, same account you would use on campus email and MyCSUDH portal system.

How to sign up for CM1 training?

CM1 training information can be found at WCMS End-User Training page.

What is the difference between contributor role and editor role?

CM1 Role Definitions:

  • Contributors – create draft and update content, not allowed to archive, publish or approve pages
  • Editors – contributor rights plus publish, approve, and archive contents/pages
How to update the navigation menu on the right side of the page?

CM1 only allows system administrators to perform navigation updates.  Please contact Tak Yee Poon or Shon Lee by email.

Please also provide the followings:

  • URL of the site
  • Copy and paste the original navigation menu in the email content.
  • Add the new navigation menu items and highlight in Yellow.  Please also specify the item will be a new page or a link to another page.  If it is a link to another page, please also provide the URL of that page.
  • For removal items, please highlight in red.
Where can I get step-by-step guides on web content update under CM1?

CM1 step-by-step guides can be found at CM1 Support page.

I approved the page but it did not update the published site. What's wrong?

After a page is approved, it will be put in the publishing queue.  The next mass publish will publish all pages in the Pending status.

In order to see the updates/changes on the published site immediately, CM1 editors should use the Publish feature. 

When the page is opened under CM1 in Edit mode, mouse-over to the Publishing drop-down menu and choose Publish. 

Click here for more information on Item Status and Workflow [PDF].

I got an error when double-clicking on CSUDH under the CM1 Finder. What should I do?

Double-clicking on CSUDH folder (2nd column from left in CM1 Finder) is a different feature only for system administrators.  Use single-click instead.