Create a New Page

How To: Create a New Page (Non-Landing)

  1. Select the folder (by single-clicking) where the new page will reside.
    In the example below, the new page will be created in the "-training-test" folder.

    How To Create a New Page - Finder
  2. Click the "Create New Page" icon Finder Toolbar Icon - New Page in the Finder Toolbar.
    (Hovering over the icon displays the tool tip: "Click to create new page".)
  3. The following New Page dialog box should open:

    How To Create a New Page - Dialogue Box
  4. Select the desired template. (The "_Content-Blank" template is the most commonly used.)
  5. Enter a Display title (link text) name for the page.
    (The Display Title should be concise yet descriptive. It is used in many places such as links to the page and search results.)
  6. The File name field is populated automatically with a suggestion. This can be edited.
    (IMPORTANT: Please use the University Naming Standard when naming web files and folders.)
  7. Click the SAVE button UI - Save Button.
    (It may take a few minutes to process. Avoiding clicking the SAVE button multiple times.)

The new page should now be open in Editor View.