How To: Rename Pages and Folders

How To: Rename Pages & Folders

Renaming a Page

  1. Find the page in the Finder and open it in Editor View by double-clicking it.

    How to Find and Select Pages
  2. Click the EDIT button Editor View - Edit Button at the top of Editor View to open the page in Edit Mode.
  3. Select Actions > Edit Mega-data in the menu at the top of Editor View.
    Editor View - Menus
  4. In the Edit Meta-data dialog box, under Page Summary, you can edit:
  5. Click the SAVE button UI - Save Button.

Renaming a Folder

  1. Select the folder in the Finder by single-clicking it.
  2. In the Finder Toolbar, click the Configuration Menu icon Finder Toolbar Icon - Actions Menu, and select Folder properties.
  3. In the Folder Properties dialog box, under General, you can edit the folder Name.
    (Please use the University Naming Standard when naming files and folders.)

    UI - Folder Properties General
  4. Click the SAVE button UI - Save Button.