CM1 Roles & Workflow

Overview: CM1 Roles & Workflow


Roles are groups that have a unique set of permissions. There are two roles relevant to this guide:

  • Contributors: Can edit or create new items (pages and assets) within their own sites.
  • Editors: Have all the permissions of Contributors. They can also review and approve items, publish and archive content.


Content and assets in CM1 will progress through various stages of a workflow from creation to publish. At each stage of the workflow, Roles (Contributors or Editors) will have varying permissions to edit or approve items. The status of a content or asset item identifies which stage of the workflow it is in. These are:

  • Status: Draft
    A Contributor of Editor edits or creates a new item (page content or asset). It can be submitted for review.
  • Status: Review
    Item is ready for review. Editor checks or edits content and style, and then sends the item back for edits, or approves it for publishing it.
  • Status: Approved (Pending & Live)
    The item is now eligible to be published to the live server. (See publishing below.) It may be published, or it is in the publishing queue. When looking at item details in the Finder, you may see additional entries in Status:
    • Pending: The item has been approved but has not yet been published. It may have a scheduled publish date; otherwise, it will be published during the next Mass Publish cycle.
    • Live: Item has been published to the live site.

      These Status entries reflect internal processing by CM1. Items with these status entries are in an Approved status.
  • Status: Quick Edit
    An Approved item has been opened for editing. Edits can be resubmitted to "Draft" status or published.
  • Status: Archive
    Item has been unpublished by an Editor manually or by a scheduled unpublish date.  Items can be resubmitted to "Draft" status.
    Important Note: Archiving is the only way CM1 can remove an item from the live server.

The following diagram illustrates the workflow and the allowed actions allowed in each status by role:

CM1 Workflow Diagram

When viewing a page, you can view its current status in the Finder properties panel and in the properties bar of the Editor View:

CM1 Workflow Status