CM1 Training (Class)


CM1 by Percussion Software is the Web Content Management System (WCMS) used to edit and manage CSUDH campus websites.

CM1 Roles

  • Contributor– creates draft and update content
  • Editor – contributor rights plus publish, approve, and archive contents/pages 

What You Need to Know About this Self-Paced Course

Foundational Web Skills

This is a self-paced, introductory course that in two parts covers accessibility and foundational skills needed to make content edits to a page. It does NOT cover advanced web course topics such as menu accordions, drop-downs, or coding. You will need to work directly with the web coordinator and web designer to make more significant changes in many cases. 

Important Note: To gain access to the division pages, you must complete Part 1 and Part 2 of CM1 training with a score of 70% or higher for both sections.

Part 1: Section 508 & University Web Standards

In Part 1, you will learn about Section 508, the CSU Web Accessibility Statement and Web Policy.  You will also learn about the CSUDH Web Standards and the University naming standards. Since this is a web design course, you will also visit various validation services to check your pages for accessibility. And the section will finish out with a brief overview of copyright.  (Estimated time to complete: 1 hour)

Part 2: Editing and Publishing

In Part 2, you will watch short videos and then practice, within the CM1 training folder, the following tasks:

  • Add text
    • Format text (for accessibility)
    • Add Internal and External Links
  • Add an Image 

(Estimated time to complete: 2 hours)

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