Web Accessibility (ADA Section 508)

Web AccessibilityWeb Accessibility

"It is the policy of the CSU to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff and the general public regardless of disability."

What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to the practice of making Web pages accessible to people using a wide range of user agent software and devices, not just standard Web browsers. This is especially important for people with disabilities such as visual impairment. In order to access the Web, some users require special software or devices in addition to a standard web browser, or specially designed web browsers. Design for accessibility is a sub-category of good design for usability.

The needs that Web accessibility aims to address include:

  • Visual: Visual impairments including blindness, various common types of low vision and poor eyesight, various types of colour blindness;
  • Motor/Mobility: e.g. difficulty or inability to use the hands, including tremors, muscle slowness, loss of fine muscle control, etc., due to conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, stroke;
  • Cognitive/Intellectual: Developmental disabilities, learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.), and cognitive disabilities of various origins, affecting memory, attention, developmental "maturity," problem-solving and logic skills, etc.;
  • Auditory: Deafness or hearing impairments, including individuals who are hard of hearing;
  • Seizures: Photoepileptic seizures caused by visual strobe or flashing effects

The CSU and Web Accessibility

The CSU is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its websites, web content and web applications. It is the right thing to do, the smart thing to do, and it is the law.

Access to computer software, hardware and electronic information as well as access to the campus are critical for the educational and career achievement of many people with disabilities. CSU Dominguez Hills seeks to enable that access with this directory of information and services.

If you use an adaptive technology device and you encounter a problem accessing www.csudh.edu with that device, please e-mail access@csudh.edu, explaining the nature of the difficulty. You may also contact Disabled Student Services (DSS) for assistance with accessibility.