Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff

The California State University (CSU) uses HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff (CS) to assist with testing webpages against accessibility standards. It is an enterprise-wide Web evaluation and monitoring tool installed on CSUDH servers. To use HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff you will need a valid username and password. Please contact your Compliance Sheriff Administrator if you do not have one.


  • Open your Web browser to
  • In the Username field, enter your assigned Compliance Sheriff username.
  • In the Password field, enter your Compliance Sheriff password (case sensitive).

User Guide & Support

Compliance Deputy

Designed to work with Compliance Sheriff, Compliance Deputy is an on-demand browser-based solution that allows developers and content providers to test and repair content prior to publishing them into the production environment. It leverages the checkpoints and rules designed in Compliance Sheriff to test page content as it is being created to ensure only compliant content is published to live sites.