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Why Submit Web Requests in this Format?

Our protocols for handling internal requests are designed to maximize service levels to the campus. We apologize if this appears cumbersome; however, due to the high volume of requests and limited staffing, this process helps us manage updates within a reasonable time for everyone.

  • These web requests are used to audit files on our web servers, generate reports, monitor workload, and aid in archival and Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • code viewWe often edit pages in "code" view, which differs from how they appear in web browsers. Your submitted content is copied and pasted directly "as is", therefore please be aware of case and spelling. Verify that all URLs are valid.
  • Make the actual changes in the content rather than describe them, whenever possible. For example:
    • Avoid instructions like: "All links should point to the attached PDF."
    • Instead, highlight each link and indicate the PDF name, such as:
      "link label [attached.pdf]"
  • Including a copy of the page content with highlights allows our administrators to quickly locate and update changes. Only those items that are highlighted will be changed.

[Note: wcms logoThe campus web is currently migrating to a new Web Content Management System (WCMS) that allows you to manage your own content updates. However, until your site is migrated to the WCMS, we ask that you submit your requests in this format.]

If you have any questions on how to submit web requests, please contact your web administrator. We will be glad to assist.