Request for Access

Request for Access

CM1 User Access

Please submit a ticket at or send a message to University Webmaster and include the followings:

  • User Full Name
  • Campus Username/email address
  • Role in CM1 (contributor/editor)
  • Site URL or CM1 site path

Faculty/Staff Unofficial Personal Web Site FTP Access

Please submit a ticket at with the following information:

  • Employee Full Name
  • Employee Campus Username or Email address
  • Department
  • Phone/Extension Number

Web Space & FTP Access Request for Web Development Classes

Instructors teaching web development related classes can request web space for students in the class.  All FTP accounts are only valid for the current semester. Students who has FTP access for the current semester may not be able to update their web sites after the current semester. Student web site may be removed after the student graduated from CSUDH. Web space for individual student will not be provided.  Request from individual student will not be accepted.

Please send the class roster to University Webmaster with the followings:

  • Class number, e.g. CSC101, CIS251
  • Instructor Name
  • Student Full Name
  • Student Campus Username or Email Address