Program Description

Women's Studies BA Coming Soon Fall 2019

The Women's Studies Minor is administered through the College of Arts and Humanities. It explores the experiences of women in cultures and societies around the world. Students in the program will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand the history and structures of gender inequalities and how to advocate for women’s rights and freedoms. They will engage in an on-going dialogue and debate related to women's voices.

The Women's Studies Program at CSUDH examines the social construction of gender and sexual differences. Women's Studies seeks to acknowledge and understand how gender relates to and intersects with ethnicity, race, social class, religion, sexuality, nationality, globalization and other factors that have shaped women's and men's lives.

The interdisciplinary practice of Women's Studies draws from diverse academic approaches. A student's program may draw from approaches such as Chicana Studies, Africana Studies, Communication, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Interdisciplinary Studies, Labor Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, the Visual and Performing Arts, Women and Business, Asian Pacific Studies, and Anthropology.

CSUDH Women's Studies students will acquire the knowledge and skills to advocate for social justice and change and engage in service learning. Students will also learn the importance of interconnecting communities, from local to global levels.

The Women's Studies Program, a 15-unit minor,  is part of the Division of World Cultural & Gender Studies.

Who minors in Women’s Studies?
A Women’s Studies minor is ideal for students who:

  • Wish to supplement their major with knowledge related to women’s experiences and gender issues
  • Seek formal contact with students and faculty members who share a scholarly interest in women's experiences and lives.

No specific high school or community college courses are required as prerequisites. Students are expected to have adequate reading and writing skills and an interest in understanding the complex forces that determine gender roles.

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Minor in Women's Studies (15 units)
Students may select from the following courses (including courses from other disciplines) that focus on women and gender and are pre-approved by a Women's Studies advisor:

WMS 100

Gender, Sex, the Body & Politics: An Introduction

3 Units

WMS 250

Women's Studies (Required for minor)

3 Units

WMS 318

Race, Class, Gender

3 Units

WMS 320

Feminist Principles

3 Units

WMS 494

Independent Study

1-3 Units

WMS 495

Special Topics: Women's Studies

3 Units

WMS 496

Internship in Women's Studies

3 Units

CHS 460

Las Chicanas

3 Units

ENG 347

Literature of Ethnicity and Gender

3 Units

HIS 379

The Family In History

3 Units

HIS 380

Women In History

3 Units

POL 325

Women And Politics

3 Units

PSY 376

Psychology Of Gender

3 Units

SOC 334

Women in Society

3 Units