Parents & Families of Students

There are countless opportunities for you to provide valuable support to your student throughout their journey at CSUDH. Take a moment to explore the ways you can stay connected and support your Toro! Your involvement can make a significant difference in their college experience!

Toro Family Connection (TFC)

Student success improves when parents and families are engaged in their student's college experience. Toro Family Connection is your one-stop shop for access to campus news and deadlines, invitations to presentations catered to educate families of resources available to students, volunteer opportunities, personalized newsletters, and more.

Resources for Parents and Families

Parent Leadership Academy

Under the mentorship of CSUDH faculty members, the Parent Leadership Academy serves as a platform for parents to come together, exchange insights, and collectively navigate their CSUDH journey. Join Today!

Website: Parent Leadership Academy form

Career Center

The Career Center helps students and alumni develop their careers by giving them the tools and resources they need. They also provide access to internships and employment opportunities to help students and alumni succeed.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 set out requirements designed to protect students' privacy in their records maintained by the campus.


Student Support

If your student requires either academic assistance or general student support, explore the comprehensive array of resources and services available to students at CSUDH.