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Explore an exciting new career field or refresh your background in the profession by earning a certificate from CSUDH. The online certificate is designed for both current and aspiring professionals in the sports industry. Learners may seek a certificate to advance their career-related knowledge and skills, and others more experienced in other fields may pursue a certificate as a stepping-stone toward a new job opportunity.

The online certificate curriculum in Sports Management provides the student with academic preparation and practical training that are required to be successful in one of the following segments of the sport industry:

  • Professional sports
  • Leadership roles in the Entertainment Industry
  • Sport promotion & marketing
  • Facility & event management
  • Manufacturing & sales of sporting goods
  • Sports Franchise management
  • Sports media & communication
  • Athletic representation

Courses will be predominantly taught by professionals with at least 10 years of experience in the sports industry, including:

  • Tickets Sales Strategy with the LA Clippers (NBA) Manager, Business Operations.
  • Sports Marketing with the San Jose Sharks (NHL) Director of Marketing and Fan Development.
  • Sporting venues and Event Management with the marketing and promotions manager at the Staples Center
  • Leadership in Entertainment with Dr. Yann Abdourazakou and various guest speakers from the greater L.A. area.

How will students and professionals benefit?

  • Fast track careers in sports management
  • Learn the inside secrets of how to become a sports management pro in months not years
  • Courses designed in conjunction with sports management industry leaders
  • Free up valuable time, don’t waste time and money travelling to classes (online)
  • Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are (online)

Learning Outcomes

CSUDH Sports Management Program - LA GalaxyAt the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate experiments in partnership with regional professional sports teams to analyze and optimize sports marketing campaigns and sales.
  • Justify the intellectual relationship between quantitative and qualitative tools, theories and sport context in order to effectively predict problems for sports organizations. For example: how to increase ticket sales for sports teams?
  • Assess new and innovative business opportunities to strategically navigate the complex demands of the current and dynamic national and international sports business environments using technology and innovations. For example: help a professional team improve the visibility of its sponsors on all format and properties.
  • Combine various types of marketing data (i.e. consumer behavior, loyalty programs and rewards) and apply common analytical methods to generate helpful insights for decision making in sports. For example: analyze the current and future prospects of a broad range of statistical methods and predictive analytics techniques to the benefit of local sports teams.

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Sports Management Courses & Descriptions

Courses are conducted online.

Required Courses (12 Units):

  • SEH 400 | Ticketing Operations in the Entertainment Industry
  • SEH 401 | Leadership in the Entertainment Industry
  • SEH 402 | Strategic Sports Marketing
  • SEH 403 | Sport Venues and Event Management

  SEH 400 | Ticket Operations in the Entertainment Industry (3 units)

Ticket sales are vital to entertainment and sports organizations’ long-term success. Without people in the entertainment venues, companies can’t attract sponsors. Tickets sales are a complex activity that goes well beyond the act of selling. This course focuses on tickets sales strategies and promotion processes highlighting the fundamental concepts, principles and application associated in this strategic area of entertainment and sport management. Students will learn how to use different standards and principles as it relates to the ticketing industry with all its different operations facets. The goal is to provide a cross-disciplinary approach to a variety of marketing, sales and promotions issues that confront managers: how to leverage ticket sales as a revenue source in sports and entertainment industries. It also examines sales strategies for single-game, season ticket, and group sales; ticket office operations; and building a database for ticket sales.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate ticket sales procedures.
  • Compare new tools helping to improve revenues and attendance.
  • Explain various practices in the selling and sales management functions and relate how sales interacts with other marketing and non-marketing functions.

  SEH 401 | Leadership in the Entertainment Industry (3 units)

The entertainment industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It provides products and services for worldwide audiences. Technologies transform the way entertainment is created and distributed challenging many companies in the sector in areas like finance, production and distribution of entertainment content. The course prepares students to accelerate their careers in the creative industries through the exploration of leadership skills. Topics include project development, strategic marketing, emerging technologies, and various stakeholders’ strategies in the making and television productions but also sports content. Students will learn from industry leaders and gain professional experience at major studios, networks, agencies, and production companies.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Assess various leadership and organizational development issues as they pertain to the sports and entertainment industry.
  • Support the use of problem solving models in practical situations in order to leverage decision-making abilities and conflict management for a sport organization.
  • Predict how various leadership theories can help assess leaders’ impact on an organization’s leadership goals.
  • Compare alternative action plans relevant to the dynamics of globalization and strategically manage key actors and institutions to develop new business opportunities.

  SEH 402 | Strategic Sports Marketing (3 units)

Theory and practice of the strategic marketing processes applied to sports and entertainment enterprises; planning marketing mixes; market selection decisions; distribution strategies; media mergers and acquisitions; cross platform marketing; regulation issues; sponsorships and events; readings and case studies.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate experiments to evaluate and optimize sports marketing campaigns.
  • Explain the intellectual relationship between quantitative and qualitative marketing tools, theories and sport context in order to effectively solve problems for sports organizations.
  • Identify different types of marketing data and apply common analytical methods to generate helpful insights for decision making in sports.

  SEH 403 | Sport Venue and Event Management (3 units)

With new arenas, stadiums, health clubs, convention centers, and other facilities popping up all over the nation, numerous job opportunities are available in this discipline. Even in these tough economic times when some jobs are harder to find, there is still a significant need for properly trained sport facility managers. This class will cover numerous issues from construction-related concerns to marketing facilities, naming rights, and concession concerns. Also covered will be topics related to the facility management side of the industry, with special attention paid to back-of-the-house operations such as water, heating, cooling, and related activities. This is a comprehensive course focusing on applied rather than theoretical knowledge. To learn some of the hands-on elements of running a facility, students will visit major facilities in the LA area.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and optimize sports venues marketing.
  • Interpret quantitative and qualitative marketing tools, theories and sports facilities in order to effectively solve problems.
  • Summarize different types of marketing data and choose an analytical method to generate helpful insights for decision making inside a stadium.

Sports Management Costs

$490/unit. $1,470 per 3-unit class. $5,880 for the entire certificate.

How to Apply (CSUDH is not accepting applications at this time)

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Instructor Profiles

Yann Abdourazakou, FacultyDr. Yann Abdourazakou | CSUDH
yabdourazakou@csudh.edu • (310) 243-3453

Associate Professor; Certificate Coordinator

Instructor: Leadership in the Entertainment Industry

Dr. Yann Abdourazakou is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing at CSUDH. He has taught sports management courses in Europe and in the US for the last 14 years. His research, course development, and teaching draws on multiple disciplines, including management theory, strategic marketing, sport management and focus on national and global competition. Dr. Abdourazakou is a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science, a peer-reviewed journal established in Australia. He has a special interest for the sports business industry as it relates to different consumer behavior segments (fantasy sports, social media, stadiums attendance, TV viewership and advertising, online viewership, participation, logo apparel, mobile device usage and sponsorship). Publications include: International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Sports Analytics, Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Education for Business, The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports.

Kishore Ramlagan, FacultyKishore Ramlagan | Staples Center

Manager, Marketing and Promotions

Instructor: Sport Venues and Event Management

Kishore Ramlagan is a marketing and promotions manager at the Staples Center with experience in building plans, building promotions and buying media that have driven results for sports teams and live events in the greater Los Angeles area. Kishore started as a sales and marketing intern for LA Galaxy and Home Depot Center prior to getting hired full time as a Marketing Coordinator for the same venue and team. There he worked his way up as a Marketing Supervisor where in his time there was part of the 2015 MLS Marketing Team of the Year. From there he transitioned from sports to concerts and live entertainment in making a move to STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater in 2017 where undertook the role as Manager of Marketing and Promotions.

J. Colby Washington, FacultyJ. Colby Washington | Legends Hospitality, LLC

Premium Sales Consultant

Instructor: Sport Venues and Event Management

J. Colby Washington is a Premium Sales Consultant for Legends Hospitality, LLC with over 7 years’ experience in the sports industry. He is a native of Cedartown, GA and relocated to California in 2017. He has worked for NCAA, MLB, NBA, and NFL teams. He has helped open new stadiums as well as fill seats and suites with fans in existing stadiums. Currently he is working on the new NFL stadium opening in LA next year, it is the largest and most expensive sports/entertainment venue ever built.

Luke Elliott, FacultyLuke J. Elliott | LA Clippers (NBA)

Manager, Business Operations

Instructor: Ticketing Operations in the Entertainment Industry

Luke began his sports career in 2010 as an Inside Sales Executive for the LA Clippers (NBA). Following his first season with the team, Luke was promoted to Account Executive where he was responsible for selling and servicing season ticket, group, and suite accounts. In 2014, a new opportunity arose and Luke became the Clippers’ Arena Operations Coordinator, a position responsible for the Clippers’ day-to-day relationship with STAPLES Center. After spending three seasons in this role, Luke was promoted to Inside Sales Manager, where he built and led a new inside sales team. Most recently, Luke has become the Manager, Business Operations, where he oversees various aspects of the business, including youth basketball, the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario (G League affiliate), and guest experience.

Casey Leppanen, FacultyCasey Leppanen | San Jose Sharks (NHL)

Director of Marketing and Fan Development

Instructor: Strategic Sports Marketing

Casey Leppanen is a strategic marketing, promotions and broadcast executive with a proven track record of creating innovative plans that drive results for sports teams and live events. Casey has more than 15 years of experience in the sports industry and currently serves as the Director of Marketing & Fan Development for Sharks Sports Entertainment. Casey oversees a team of 16 focused on the marketing for the San Jose Sharks, San Jose Barracuda, SAP Center and 3rd party events, Solar4America Ice Fremont and San Jose and the Oakland Ice Center in addition to managing the companies Creative, E-mail Marketing, Fan Development and Community Relations teams. To date Casey has created marketing plans covering the sports and live entertainment space. Casey has crafted plans for David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Giovani Dos Santos, LA Galaxy, International Soccer Matches featuring Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Club America, Chivas, Boca Juniors, Manchester City, Everton, Tottenham, Juventus, the US Men’s and Women’s National Team and many more. Casey’s team also works as an advertising agency for various promoters ranging from Golden Boy Boxing, K2 Promotions, Top Rank, USA Rugby, US Soccer and Soccer United Marketing. He has also built advertising plans for numerous events; MMA, concerts, lacrosse, football, running / cycling / lifestyle events, bull riding, food fests and much more.

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