Digital Certificates & Badges

College of Continuing and Professional Education

Congratulations to you!

You’re proud and you’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to celebrate your achievement, thank those who matter to you most, and let your credentials go to work for you.

CSUDH College of Continuing and Professional Education has partnered with Canvas Credentials (formerly Badgr) to offer an official digital version of your certificate. You can get it faster than your printed version, so it’s a great way to immediately share your accomplishment with your family, friends, and employers.

It’s fast, free, and shareable.

Share with potential employers to kick-start the next step in your professional journey or career.

 How to Get It:

Students who have successfully met program completion requirements and have submitted the certificate request application will receive an email and text notification with instructions for electronically claiming their certificate.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Check your campus & personal emails for the award notification.
  2. Follow the link to set up your Canvas Credentials digital account.
  3. Share your digital certificate on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, or download a secure .pdf version.

Your digital certificate will always be accessible through your account. You can login and download or share it again and again — at no cost to you. Your certificate will be sent to your Toromail email address, so be sure to check your campus email address frequently! (You can associate multiple personal email addresses to your Canvas Credentials account to continue using your digital backpack if you no longer have access to your Toromail email.) 

Note: Only Spring 2023 (with verified program completion after March 31, 2023) and later students are candidates for receiving Canvas Credential/Badgr digital certificates; we regret that we will not be able to issue them to students who have completed programs prior to Spring 2023.

 What You Can Do with It:

Share your Achievements

  • Easily share your digital certificate with employers with a secure and verified link
  • Share with family and friends on Facebook and LinkedIn

View or Download

  • View your digital certificate online at any time with permanent access
  • Download your digital certificate and save as a PDF

Serve as an Alternative to the Apostille

  • Many countries recognize digital certificates. Award certificates are supporting the needs of international credentials.

Questions about digital certificates?

Receiving Your Digital Certificate

What is a badge?

Generic sample digital badgeBadges are “micro credentials” that provide a digital award as proof of an accomplishment or completion of specific content or tasks.

Digital badges are clickable icons and can contain information about the issuing institution or entity, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge, and evidence of meeting the required criteria. 

Badges can be shared on social media sites, added as a link in an email, embedded in an e-portfolio, and elsewhere.

In the CSUDH learning management systems (Blackboard or Canvas), a badge is awarded for successfully meeting the requirements to complete a specific course. Completion of all required courses in a pathway will result in the awarding of a digital and print Certificate of Completion.