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The uncertainty, instability and rapid changes in today’s current business and social environments require mental and technical agility to sustain both our personal and professional lives. As technology continues to evolve and market changes are occurring at a very rapid pace, stagnation of thought must be avoided. However, as we apply technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to tackle business challenges, the development of human capital that is the critical element to success. To thrive in this new paradigm, we need to effectively utilize and develop the intellectual capital available to us.

Stagnation of thought is fatal to any business.

The continuous improvement of intellectual capital is a critical element of Quality 4.0. Understanding and developing soft skills as these concepts apply in Quality 4.0 contributes to catalyzing the ideas necessary to achieving organizational excellence.

The online Master of Science in Quality program, which celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 2021, has developed a 4-session certificate for employees and managers involved in processes where people are a critical factor in assuring goals and objectives are accomplished. This applies in most every industry where digitization of processes and quality improvements are applicable and those who will benefit include university students/alumni, STEM professionals and others with practical experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Participation as a virtual or face-to-face team member or leader to accomplish a goal or objective.
  • Application of the interactions of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics with human factors within a process.
  • Recognition of the potential obstacles to accomplishing the integration of the human and technical aspects of digitization in a process.
  • Developing human resource analytics to evaluate process performance

This program is a cohort format consisting of eight modules instructed by recognized subject matter experts in their areas of quality improvement, leadership, and human factors in direct applications as needed in Quality 4.0.

Session meetings will take place using Zoom on four consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays. Delegates must attend all sessions and provide a written commentary in a Reflection Journal with a focus on implementing the course learnings on the final Thursday to receive this certificate.


Modules: Class Topics, Meeting Days and Instructors

Week 1

Quality 4.0 | Krivokuca

  • Defining Quality 4.0 and its challenges
  • Relationship to Industry 4.0
  • Where soft skills apply in a digitalized system

Leadership Excellence | Vora and Mistry

  • Understand importance of human leadership in a digitalized organization
  • Develop a roadmap aligning machine learning with human learning for leadership excellence
  • Apply digital and human leadership actions for sustainable human and technological organizational growth

Effective Decision Making | Vora and Mistry

  • Understand importance of aligning human and technological decision making in any organization
    • Evaluate various Quality 4.0-based models of decision making
    • Develop human and technological fact-based decision making

Week 2

Effective Time Management | Vora and Mistry

  • Analyze the importance of virtual time management
  • Identify internal and external time distractors
  • Recognize effective time management practices, both professionally and personally

Effective Teamwork | Vora and Mistry

  • Evaluate importance of virtual teamwork from the perspective of generational and cultural diversity
  • Identify characteristics of effective virtual teams
  • Develop human and technological strategies for improved teamwork

Week 3

Effective Risk Management | Vora and Mistry

  • Assess importance of risk management in the context of Quality 4.0 project management
  • Identify, prioritize, and mitigate human and technological project risks
  • Develop strategies to minimize risks during a project life cycle

Effective Talent Management  | Vora and Mistry

  • Assess importance of talent management in digitized processes
  • Recognize the talent management life cycle in relation to technology, generational diversity, and cultural diversity
  • Create a world-class human workforce in any digitized system

Week 4

Voice of the Customer Management | Vora and Mistry

  • Evaluate importance of agile Quality 4.0 customer management
  • Examine various virtual, human, and digitized methods to capture customer inputs for products and services
  • Develop effective strategies for managing voice of the customer

Sustainable Change Management | Vora and Mistry

  • Recognize importance of sustainable Quality 4.0 change management
  • Apply three key pillars of change management in relation to digitization and human analytics
  • Develop Quality 4.0 focused strategies to effectively manage change

Summary | Krivokuca

  • Applying soft skills, human and technological in Quality 4.0
  • Integrating Quality 4.0 with Industry 4.0
  • Looking to the future

Course Fee: $699


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Certificate Faculty

Distinguished Instructors

The following instructors will provide the materials for each class meeting:

Dr. Manu Vora is Chairman and President of Business Excellence, Inc. with 47 years of leadership experience. For 29 years, he has taught Operations Management at business schools globally. He has delivered 1,200 presentations in 36 Countries across 5 Continents and published 75 scholarly articles. He gave two TEDx talks and has delivered a Soft Skills Program using technology to 680 colleges/universities globally benefitting over One Million people. He is a Fulbright Specialist by the U.S. Department of State. He has B. Tech. from IIT BHU, India in Chemical Engineering, M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Chicago, and an MBA from USA. As the President of Blind Foundation for India, his team raised over $5.5 million to serve two million blind people in India. He has received 56 awards for his professional service and 35 awards for his community service. Dr. Vora has received five medals from ASQ and is a recipient of 2016 Simon Collier Quality Award from ASQ Los Angeles Section 700.

Dr. Milton Krivokuca is Chair Emeritus and subject matter advisor of the Master of Science Quality Assurance program at California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA. He has also taught master’s classes in critical thinking and quality theories at California State University Fullerton, Illinois State University, University of California Riverside, Al Yamamah University Riyadh, and University of Redlands. Additionally, he has presented contemporary quality topics at conferences in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as countless locations throughout the United States and Canada. He is past chair of ASQ, Quality Management Division, an ASQ Fellow, ASQ Los Angeles Section 700 Simon Collier Quality Award recipient and 2020 ASQ Section 701 Orange Empire Quality Guru of the Year. Dr. Krivokuca’s advanced degrees include an MA, MBA, and a DBA. His professional certifications include: CMQ/OE, CQA, CQT, CQPA, CCT, CQE, CSSGB, and CSSBB. Currently, Dr. Krivokuca is president of Milton Krivokuca and Associates based in Wilmington, NC, USA and a QCTS Instructor with QC Training, Minneapolis.

Mr. C. G. Mistry is a quality and business professional. He has over 40 years of experience in quality including plant set up, Quality department set up, Training people in Quality methods providing Kaizen and Lean manufacturing. He has experiences with Commercial, Aerospace, Defense and Nuclear industries. He received Postgraduate degrees from University of La Verne (MBA) and CSU Dominguez Hills (MSQA). He teaches at University of California Riverside and Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Dominguez Hills. He is also a refresher course trainer for ASQ certifications in CMQ/OE, CQE. CQA and Six Sigma Green belt and Black Belt. He is ASQ certified CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA and CSSBB. He has been an active ASQ member leader for over 15 years. Twice section chair ASQ: Member since 1994 with section 702. Regional Director: Past four years. He is currently Regional Director for Pacific Region under new global structure of ASQ. He is an ASQ Fellow and Received prestigious Simon Collier Quality Award for 2021.

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