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The term for a particular class is based on when the class ends, not when it begins. For example, a course beginning in April and ending in July is a summer class, and you will find it in the summer schedule. Please check the current term plus the next term to determine all of your schedule options.

Class Discussion / Blackboard:
Class discussion is currently accomplished through "Blackboard" software. The instructor "posts" assignments and discussion prompts to the class via Blackboard, and students respond and interact by using the Blackboard menu at the course site.

Learning/Exploring on the Web:
Students will use the course Web site for a variety of activities including getting assignments, conducting research, obtaining the latest program and class news and information, etc.

Course Schedule

Major: Quality Assurance  | Program: Quality Assurance Master of Science | * C = Class Canceled *

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept, SecCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor

Fall 2019

09/03/201912/03/201943878QAS 510 41Adv Probability/Statistic3.0--INT NET$990M McShane Vaughn
09/03/201912/03/201943879QAS 511 41Quality Function Mgt & TQM3.0--INT NET$990R Cook
09/03/201912/03/201943880QAS 512 41Reliability3.0--INT NET$990J Clauson
09/03/201912/03/201943881QAS 513 41Statistical Quality Control and Sampling3.0--INT NET$990S Schuelka
09/03/201912/03/201943882QAS 514 41Advanced Experimental Design3.0--INT NET$990C French
09/03/201912/03/201943883QAS 515 41Human Factors In QAS3.0--INT NET$990J Clauson
09/03/201912/03/201943884QAS 518 41Quality Project Mgmt & Prod3.0--INT NET$990M Krivokuca
09/03/201912/03/201943885QAS 598 41Directed Research3.0--INT NET$990R Cook
09/03/201912/03/201943886QAS 599 41Thesis/Project3.0--INT NET$990M Krivokuca
09/03/201912/03/201943887QAS 600 41Graduate Continuation Course1.0--INT NET$150M Krivokuca

Spring 2020

01/07/202004/08/202023410QAS 510 41Adv Probability/Statistic3.0--INT NET$990M McShane Vaughn
01/07/202004/08/202023411QAS 511 41Quality Function Mgmt & TQM3.0--INT NET$990R Cook
01/07/202004/08/202023484QAS 515 41Human Factors In QAS3.0--INT NET$990J Clauson
01/07/202004/08/202023514QAS 518 41Quality Project Mgmt & Prod3.0--INT NET$990M Krivokuca
01/07/202004/08/202023515QAS 525 41ISO 9000 & The Audit Function3.0--INT NET$990D Bourcier
01/07/202004/08/202023516QAS 530 41Statistical Quality Control for Professionals3.0--INT NET$990S Schuelka
01/07/202004/08/202023517QAS 531 41Cust Satis & Quality Assurance3.0--INT NET$990K Niles
01/07/202004/08/202023518QAS 532 41QA for Service Delivery Process3.0--INT NET$990K Fulton
01/07/202004/08/202023519QAS 534 41Change Management3.0--INT NET$990A Wang
01/07/202004/08/202023520QAS 538 41Evaluation & Analysis for Healthcare Delivery3.0--INT NET$990B Mehta
01/07/202004/08/202023521QAS 598 41Directed Research3.0--INT NET$990R Cook
01/07/202004/08/202023522QAS 599 41Project3.0--INT NET$990M Krivokuca
01/07/202004/08/202023523QAS 600 41Grad Continuation Course1.0--INT NET$150M Krivokuca

Summer 2020

Schedule coming soon...

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 10/01/19

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