CCPE Certificate Applications

College of Continuing & Professional Education Certificate Requests by Program

General Instructions for CSUDH Students who have successfully met program completion requirements:

  1. Select your completed CCPE Program from the buttons below
  2. Fill out the entire form (including full name, complete mailing address, courses taken and their associated terms of completion, and your initials), and click Submit Application
  3. Learn how to accept and share your CSUDH Digital Badges, Certificates & Credentials ►


  • You need to fill out the entire form; otherwise, you will receive an error message regarding a missed field, which will not allow you to submit the form. 
  • Your 9-digit Student ID number is found on your registration confirmation. If you are having difficulty locating it to complete the form, please enter "unknown" in the field.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. If you have any questions/issues with any of the request forms below, please notify


Extension Certificates/Certificates of Completion


OSHA Training Institute Education Center Program Certificates


Quality Assurance Exam Prep Capstones & Certificates of Completion


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