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University Training Partners has developed a 3-course, 32-module Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program, now offered through a partnership with CSUDH. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a proven, project-driven strategy to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and deliver bottom line results. The LSS approach has been successfully implemented in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, hospitality, retail, higher education, and government.

The LSS Black Belt program consists of 32 self-paced learning modules offered across three courses. The format consists of video presentations, graded assignments, module quizzes, and live weekly office hours led by the instructor. Successful candidates must earn required points on assignments/discussions, earn at least 80% on module quizzes, and complete a real-world Six Sigma project to receive passing credit and the Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.


Program Description

In this LSS Black Belt program, students will gain in depth knowledge of leadership tools used to guide project teams, learn a wide variety of statistical methods to analyze quality data, and put their learning into practice with a real world Six Sigma project conducted at their workplace. Students will perform analysis and apply Six Sigma tools using a hospitality industry case study. Upon successful completion of the three-modules in this program, students will earn their Black Belt Certificate.

The three-course sequence is self-paced with weekly live instructor office hours. Features of the program include:

  • Modules on the Six Sigma philosophy, DMAIC methodology, graphical analysis tools, team dynamics, voice of the customer, training techniques and Lean tools
  • Modules on descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, correlation, multiple linear regression, design of experiments, and statistical process control
  • Instructional videos with companion course guides
  • Minitab statistical software required; limited license available
  • Hospitality industry case study
  • Excel spreadsheet with templates
  • Graded assignments
  • Quizzes which can be retaken until a successful passing score of 80% is attained
  • Weekly live online office hours

Program topics include:

  • Reviewing Six Sigma
  • Launching Projects
  • Capturing the Voice of the Customer
  • Choosing Metrics
  • Leading Teams
  • Managing Projects
  • Mapping & Graphing Data
  • Finding Root Causes
  • Implementing Lean
  • Calculating Lean Metrics
  • Training Employees
  • Designing for Six Sigma
  • Closing the Project
  • Descriptive Statistics & Graphical Analysis
  • Probability
  • Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Continuous Probability Distributions
  • Hypothesis Tests & Confidence Intervals
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Correlation & Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression & Logistic Regression
  • Design of Experiments
  • Control Charts
  • Process Capability
  • Project Selection
  • Define Tollgate
  • Measure Tollgate
  • Analyze Tollgate
  • Improve Tollgate
  • Control Tollgate


NBQA 992 Leadership Tools for Black Belts: $1,699

NBQA 993 Statistical Analysis for Black Belts: $1,699

NBQA 994 Black Belt Project Capstone: $499

 Course Schedule and Fees

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated Daily




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Notification Details



  • A bronze SSBB certificate will be issued for completion of either the leadership or statistics courses.
  • A silver SSBB certificate will be issued for completion of both the leadership and statistics courses.
  • A gold SSBB certificate will be issued for completion of all three courses.

Course Materials

Students will be required to purchase the course companion textbooks from Amazon.com, each approximately costing $44.99.

A user license from Minitab is required for the Statistical Analysis class. If you do not currently have access to Minitab, a discounted limited Minitab license agreement can be purchased for an additional $450.


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Instructor: Dr. Mary McShane-Vaughn

Dr. Mary McShane VaughnDr. Mary McShane-Vaughn is the founder of University Training Partners, a company that develops and delivers Lean Six Sigma training for corporations and universities. Over the past eleven years she has enthusiastically trained more than 1200 Yellow, Green and Black Belts in Six Sigma techniques.

Mary earned her PhD in Industrial Engineering and an MS in Statistics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University in Michigan. She is co-author of The Certified Quality Inspector Handbook, and author of The Probability Handbook, The Probability Workbook, and Lean Six Sigma Leadership. Dr. McShane-Vaughn holds ASQ certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Engineer and Reliability Engineer.

 Connect with Dr. McShane-Vaughn:
https://www.linkedin.com/in/drmmv/ ►

Student Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lean Six Sigma: FAQs

What is the difference between the Green Belt vs. Black Belt designations?

In the realm of Lean Six Sigma certifications, Green Belts and Black Belts occupy distinct roles and responsibilities. Green Belts are often involved in smaller-scale projects, functioning as integral members of project teams, and usually possess one or two Six Sigma certifications. They primarily concentrate on process improvement initiatives and commonly report to Black Belts or senior leaders within the organization.

In contrast, Black Belts are entrusted with larger and more intricate projects, assuming leadership roles within project teams. Armed with three or more Six Sigma certifications, Black Belts extend their focus beyond improvement to encompass process design and innovation. Notably, Black Belts often report directly to Six Sigma executives or sponsors, highlighting their elevated position within the organizational hierarchy.

What background or pre-requisite information should I have?

Students should be comfortable creating graphs and using formulas in Microsoft Excel and be able to solve algebraic equations.

Do I need a computer/smart device and Internet access?

Students should have access to Microsoft Excel as well as an internet connection for this online course. View online access details ►

Will printed materials be made available?

Printed materials will not be available.

When and where will the course be held?

Please see the course schedule in the program description above. Students will view pre-recorded instructional videos and post assignments on the discussion boards for each module. There will be a weekly online wrap-up session led by the instructor. These sessions will be recorded for future viewing in case a student cannot attend due to work or family commitments.

How do I register?

Call 310-243-3741 (Option 1) during business hours. For discounts for group enrollments of 3 or more, email learn@csudh.edu.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

learn@csudh.edu | 310-243-2075

Join us online to connect with other students and professionals in our student group on LinkedIn (MSQA members invited even if not in LSS; open to all MSQA and LSS members).

Where can I contact the instructor with any questions?

Please contact Mary McShane Vaughn at mvaughn@utp-us.com.

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Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt Certificate

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A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon successful completion of the required courses.

Note: Once you have completed all the required courses, you may request your certificate via our online application. The processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks from the time of submission, and includes both a digital certificate link and a printed physical certificate.

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Registration & Contact Information

There are no prerequisites for enrollment and no admission process. When you're ready to register, call 310-243-3741 (Option 1) during business hours.

Have questions about the program? Call 310-243-2075, email learn@csudh.edu, or use our LiveChat ↘ to ask questions or leave a detailed message about this program.

For more information and to discover more about this certificate program, contact:

Milton Krivokuca | mkrivokuca@csudh.edu
Program Coordinator

Karla C. Martinez | kmartinez@csudh.edu
Student Support Coordinator

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