Radiologic Imaging Sciences

MS in Radiologic & Imaging Sciences (Online) Program

The Master of Science in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences program provides professional advancement tracts in radiologic and imaging Administration, radiologic and imaging Education, Sonography, Radiation Therapy, CT, PET/CT, and MRI. At the current time, only the Administration and Education tracks are accepting applicants. When available, all tracts in this degree are open to applicants with certification in radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, sonography, dosimetry, cardiovascular interventional technology, dosimetrists, and PACS administration. This is an executive style program that is one-year in length and offered online. A hybrid version of the degree will be offered in the near future.

Target Audience 

Individuals certified or registered in one of the Radiologic and Imaging Sciences disciplines of Radiography (RTR), Radiation Therapy (RTT), Nuclear Medicine (RTN or CNMT), Sonography (RDMS), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ARMRIT), Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (RCES, RCIS), or Dosimetrist (CMD). 

Expected Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of the Certificate, a student will be able to:  

  • Critically read and comprehend scientific literature in RIS as it relates to management or education.  
  • Describe in detail the current knowledge and theories about RIS management or RIS education.  
  • Express graduate level professional ideas orally. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate graduate-level theoretical, analytical, research and practical skills into professional practice.  


What Our Students Have to Say...

Obtaining my master's degree in radiology management gave me the perspective and confidence I needed to take the next step in my career. At CSUDH I found the courage to go after what I wanted, which led to me applying and immediately landing a management position. I am forever grateful for the encouragement and guidance along the way.

—Leah H., Class of 2023

Enrolling in the CSUDH Master’s degree program was one of the best things I've done for ‘myself’. The program was not easy by any means; however, it is extremely rewarding. While enrolled, I was hired by The University of California San Francisco as the Chief Manager of Diagnostic Imaging. Pursuing my degree helped secure my new role. The professors are experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, available assist students with any questions they have or guidance they seek. The program is executive style and fully online. It fit with my professional/personal lifestyle. If earning a master’s degree in radiologic sciences is something you have dreamed of, this program is designed to help you make that dream a reality.

—Tosca B., Class of 2022

The Master’s degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences has enabled me to take more of a leadership role in my department and offer a higher level of patient care.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to advance their radiologic career.

—Erin Chin, Class of 2021

The program allowed me to learn more about different areas in Imaging in order to familiarize myself with their equipment and requirements. When it comes to learning about leadership and managing a team, this program was beneficial in seeing how the way we run a department has evolved to an environment that resembles a family more so than someone being a ‘worker.’ We are a team! After graduating, I was given an opportunity to lead the department more and experience how to manage a team as well as mentor our interns. I am currently receiving a promotion which I am truly excited about! 

—Samantha G., Class of 2021

Being in the Radiologic and Imaging Science Master’s program transformed my teaching ideologies and techniques immensely. The education tract exposed me to different teaching methods, and effective ways to reach my students through active learning. Implementing what I have learned in this program will absolutely benefit my future students and my professional career.

—Ray R., Class of 2021 (current doctoral student)

During my academic journey, I have been fortunate to have the amazing support of Dr. Tilson, Dr. Sayed, numerous professors, and my peers involved in the rigorous curriculum. My time management skills have been thoroughly exercised with working full-time as a hospital radiographer in addition to being enrolled full-time at CSUDH; yet, I have seen myself challenged to grow academically, professionally, and personally in such a short time.

—Michelle P., Class of 2021

Since completing the Master’s Degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences at CSUDH in 2021, I have successfully transitioned into my passion of teaching future sonography students in a classroom setting. Having the master’s degree has opened doors, as well as given me a significant advantage over others when applying for positions in education. Most recently, I have been recruited to create the curriculum for a sonography program at an educational institution in Southern California!

—Krystina S., Class of 2021

The program helped me to get an Assistant Director of Imaging position with [a major hospital].  The facility I am at now is a small community hospital. The [hospital] I am going to has a Radiology department 3 times larger than where I am now. I will be overseeing ultrasound and MRI.

—Lisa R., Class of 2021

By obtaining my Master of Science degree in Radiologic & Imaging Science, I was able to understand the entire field of radiology in-depth, as opposed to only the field of ultrasound, which is my specialty.  When patients ask me about CT scans, MRI, & Nuclear medicine, I can now answer their questions with confidence. CSUDH online program allowed me to continue working full time, while still being home with my family. I am forever grateful for the opportunity. Was it challenging? Absolutely, but it was possible. The professors were very knowledgeable, accommodating, & you felt like they wanted you to succeed.

—Deb H., Class of 2021

This program gave me a better, more in-depth understanding of other departments within Radiology. This program was definitely achievable with a family and full-time career! I received a promotion to Quality Control Technologist…with a raise. I have chosen, for the meantime to stay at my current position but hope in the next couple of years to dive into the world of Clinical Applications. I am very thankful for this program and the staff to help me obtain my goal of completing my Master's degree!

—Shaina C., Class of 2022<.span>

[T]he program enabled me to do my job better. I will be getting a promotion in the next year as a result of the degree.  I have also become the chair of the Professional Development Committee as a result of the information I learned in the program as well. The program was convenient for my life, as it allowed me to work on homework in the evening and weekends, working around my work schedule.

—Marjorie Q., Class of 2022

[In]the program, I learned a lot of soft skills… I honed my critical thinking skills, interpersonal communication, leadership, and collaboration [skills]. I can say that I was able to do my job better [and] I got an incentive bonus. I am not in the process of applying for a new job yet. I love my current job as a lead cardiac cath technologist. The program was super convenient, studying at your own pace, and you are not forced to neglect other responsibilities in your life such as family and work. I was working full-time and taking calls for the hospital. 

—Mary Ann D., Class of 2022

The completion of my MS-RIS degree helped me interview for and accept a new position as a Clinical Supervisor of a Breast Center of excellence in Long Beach with Memorial Care. I have a team of 15 mammography technologists and 9 support staff including nurse navigators who report to me. The facility has two locations with 8 mammography machines and 5 US units all accredited by the ACR. With over 20 years of experience in the field and the support of the director, I have been able to create an environment where the technologists feel supported and valued. The staff are very engaged and, working together, we have made significant changes to improve their working experience.

—Bree H., Class of 2021

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