Quality Management

Certificate Award in Quality Management

CSUDH offers Certificate Awards for students who complete three graduate level courses from the MSQA program and the appropriate capstone course. The student may take these courses through "open university" thus need not be enrolled in the MSQA program. Each student who satisfactorily completes a non-credit capstone course and the associated three graduate level credit courses from the MSQA program will be provided with a Certificate Award.


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NBQA 701
Certified Quality Management/Organizational Excellence Exam Preparation Capstone

Course Description

The course provides the student with a nine week in-depth overview of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Body of Knowledge surrounding the profession of Quality Manager. It is designed to address each aspect in the detail needed to refresh the memory of the Quality Manager aspiring to achieve certification. This is ultimately achieved by taking and successfully passing an exam offered by ASQ twice annually. The course is offered in cooperation with the Los Angeles Section 0700 can help you prepare for the ASQ Certification. This certification is a recognized professional accomplishment bound to enhance your career and personal marketability. Sample questions for applications and principles will be of a similar format as they appear on the ASQ examination.

Course Objectives

  • Present comprehensive studies of the key elements of Quality Management and relate these tools to the role of the Quality Manager.
  • Present a comprehensive overview of the requirements for effective management of the Quality Assurance Function including its role in supporting the organization's productivity control and improvement efforts. Provide the student with an understanding of key methods of Quality.
  • Prepare the student to pass the semi-annual ASQ Certified Quality Managers Examination.
  • Provide a capstone course in Quality Management to compliment three other Quality Management courses presented in the Master of Science, Quality Assurance course at CSUDH. 

This culminates in a certificate of achievement in the field of Quality Management.

Course Schedule

NBQA 701 is scheduled upon request. Please contact the MSQA Office at msqa@csudh.edu or 310-243-3880 if you would like to take the course.