Special Major: Production & Inventory Control B.A.

The Program

Students who have completed the Supply Chain Management Certificate program at California State University, Dominguez Hills, are invited to apply the credits earned to a bachelor’s degree program as part of a unique program entitled Special Major. Through this program, students can integrate their studies in Supply Chain Management with at least two other disciplines to obtain the degree. Working with an advisory committee, participants design a path that best suits their individual and career objectives. Working adults and their employers will appreciate the career-specific approach of this innovative course of study.

Getting Started

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Special Major or Minor should contact the Office of Academic Programs at (310) 243-3308 for more information.

University Admission

Formal admittance to the University required to receive credit for Supply Chain Management program courses toward the Bachelor’s Degree. All students are required to pay extension tuition for Supply Chain Management courses. Students desiring to enter the University to earn a Special Major BA must follow standard University application procedures as outlined in the University Catalog.

Special Major

Bachelor of Arts

The Special Major Bachelor of Arts degree requires the completion of 120 semester hours including both lower and upper division course work. Participating students must complete all general studies program requirements (49 semester units) and integrate at least one other discipline outside of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy with the Supply Chain Management Certificate units to achieve a total of 24 units of upper division credit to complete the Special Major. Students must also complete an acceptable University minor. Other graduation requirements are listed in the general University Catalog.

Important Academic Information

A student working towards the Special Major degree is subject to university-wide policy relative to admission, scholastic standards and graduation requirements (please refer to the University Catalog). A maximum of 24 semester units through extension, correspondence and the United States Armed Forces Institute may be accepted toward a bachelor’s degree. Each Supply Chain Management course successfully completed counts as 3 of the 24 acceptable units.

Residence Requirements

A minimum of 30 semester units (of which 24 must be upper division units) must be completed in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills. This does not include the credits earned as part of the Supply Chain Management Certificate program because credits earned through extension are not considered residence credit. Please see the University Catalog for other residence and transfer credit requirements.

The Advisory Committee

Each Special Major student has a specially-appointed Faculty advisory Committee. The committee works with and gives special attention to the student. In addition to the Production and Inventory Control Certificate advisor, each student has faculty advisors over each area of concentration and in their minor.

The Special Major

The minimum requirement for the Special Major is 24 semester units of approved upper division work. The credit hours earned while completing the Supply Chain Management Certificate serve as the foundation for the Special Major. The remaining upper division credit hours, in consultation with the student’s advisory committee, should be chosen from at least one other department outside the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. Although not limited to these fields, possible areas of upper division course work might include: Labor studies, computer science, communication, health care/medical technology, Chicano/a studies, Spanish, sociology/anthropology, adult education, applied studies, and public relations (communications).

Students should remember that proposed upper division course work may have prerequisites that must be met prior to enrolling in class. Please check the University Catalog for further information.

The Minor

In addition to the Special Major, participating students are required to complete a regular academic minor.

Examples of minors that might be of interest, and the number of units required to complete each include:

  • Accounting (15 units)
  • Business Administration (30 units)
  • Business Information Systems (15-16 units)
  • Communications (12 units)
  • Computer science (34 units)
  • Health Science (15 units)
  • Labor Studies (15 units)
  • Chicano/a Studies (18 units)
  • Public Administration (15 units)
  • Sociology (15 units)
  • Spanish (12-24 units)

Sample Programs

For complete requirements, please consult the University Catalog and program advisor. Additional prerequisite units may be required in the major and minor.

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Special Major or Minor should contact the Office of Academic Programs at (310) 243-3308 for more information.

For further information, visit the program page: Supply Chain Management Certificate