CSUDH Toro Alert

California State University Dominguez Hills is committed to ensuring the safety of all campus community members and keeping you informed is a top priority. One of the most important tools in an emergency, small or large is swift and accurate communication. In situations posing a serious or ongoing threat to members of the campus community, the university is mandated via the 1990 Clery Act to issue emergency notifications and/or "timely warnings" to the campus community. CAMPUS “TORO ALERT” SYSTEM The CSUDH Toro Alert System sends messages via text, email, and phone as appropriate to provide direct, accurate, and timely information during an emergency or crisis situation threatening the health or safety of members of the campus community.

All CSU Dominguez Hills students, staff, and faculty are automatically registered in the Toro Alert system using the campus-assigned email and desk phone number as initial contact methods. Being safe is a partnership between students, faculty, and staff, so we ask that you take the time to play an active role in your own safety and the safety of others by staying informed, prepared, and aware, and by ensuring your contact information is up to date and correct in Toro Alert.

Please visit your personal profile at mycsudh.edu and click on Toro Alert to review and update your contact information as necessary. Also be sure to input the Toro Alert number into your cell phone: (866) 747-8827.

Please note, there are two different types of Toro Alert: Emergency Toro Alerts notify the campus community of a significant dangerous or emergency situation that involves an immediate confirmed threat. Emergency Toro Alerts use multiple mechanisms such as phone, email, and text or a combination of these and other mechanisms, to maximize notification to the campus community. Timely Warnings alert the campus community about crimes that pose a serious or continuing threat to safety or which may be repeated. The threat to the health and safety of the campus comminuted isn't imminent and timely warnings typically occur via campus email, the University Police website, and to targeted areas of campus. September is National Preparedness Month and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In support of Homeland Security’s Ready Campaign, California State University Dominguez Hills is sharing disaster preparedness resources to enhance our capacity to respond to emergencies and disasters that may impact our campus.