Permission Numbers

During registration, you may be unable to register for classes due to requisites and/or required departmental consent. To obtain access to these restricted classes, request a Permission Number from your department. Each department will maintain Permission Numbers for their restricted classes. These numbers do not however, override the enrollment limit for classes. If the restricted class is full, you must select another class (and obtain another Permission Number) or you may waitlist for the class using the Permission Number. Use the Class Number and the Permission Number to add the class. Permission Numbers can only be used once and must be used prior to the first day of classes.

To add a class during the first week of late registration, you must obtain Late Registration Permission Numbers from each instructor or department. Late Registration Permission Numbers override requisites, required departmental consent and/or enrollment limits. Use the Late Registration Permission Number and the Class Number to add the class. Late Registration Permission Numbers can only be used once, and once they are used, they are tied to a specific student and ID number.