Traffic Advisory

Traffic Advisories for CSUDH and Dignity Health Sports Park Events

There are no upcoming advisories at this time.

Dignity Health Sports Park Events

Campus traffic may be impacted prior to and during Dignity Health Sports Park games and events.

In order to facilitate efficient traffic flow into campus parking lots on the evenings or weekends that games are scheduled at Dignity Health Sports Park, please follow these instructions:

  • Arrive early. Arrive at the campus by 6 p.m. on evenings that games will be played, in order to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Print out a Toro Fast Pass [PDF] and place it on your dashboard. It enables you to be waved through to campus parking on evenings that games are being played. The Fast Pass is not a parking permit – you will still need a valid CSUDH parking permit for campus parking lots.
  • Check the latest L.A. area traffic on
  • Use the Wilmington or Central Ave. exits if you are coming from the 91 freeway.
  • Avoid the Avalon Blvd. exit from the 405 and 91 freeways.
  • Use alternate campus entrances indicated on the Game Day Parking Map [PDF]. These entrances will be less impacted by Sports Park traffic. The preferred entrances are:
    • Birchknoll Avenue (Gate F)
    • Charle Willard Street (Gate G)
    • Glenn Curtiss Street (Gate H)
    • University Drive (Gate I) 

Please note: Left turns onto campus at some ingress points may by prohibited on Dignity Health Sports Park game days.

To ensure that CSUDH students, faculty, and staff have access to parking during games at Dignity Health Sports Park, designated marked parking stalls for the campus community will be available in the following locations:

  • Lot 2: Accessible via eastbound Victoria St. at Birchknoll Blvd. (Gate F) or Central Ave. at Charles Willard St. (Gate G)
  • Lot 3: Accessible via eastbound Victoria St. at Tamcliff Ave. (Gate E) or eastbound Victoria St. and Birchknoll Blvd. (Gate F) via Dominguez Parkway
  • Lot 7: Accessible via Central Ave. at Glenn Curtiss St. (Gate H)