Student Clubs and Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

  • CSUDH students have over 100 student clubs and organizations to choose from. It's helpful to identify what type of organization you are interested in joining. Our student organizations are responsible for the majority of the programs and events held on campus each year, including workshops, lectures, special events, cultural and social events, and conferences. In addition to this website, the Office of Student Life is always available to assist you with all of your involvement needs.
  • Getting involved in a student club or organization enhances your overall experience here at CSUDH. Student clubs and organizations address a wide range of issues, plan a countless number of events, and work to improve the overall campus environment. Last year, student organizations planned more than 1,400 meetings, fundraisers, socials, educational workshops, and community service events.

Why Join A Club in College?

Pursue a passion.

A creative project. Community betterment. An athletic sport. Whatever it is that you love, CSUDH has a club for it.

Make new friends.

Joining a club is our number one tip for meeting people in college. Connect with fellow Toros who have the same interests as you.

Try something new.

This is where you should get out of your comfort zone! You may discover a new skill or gain a different perspective. All are welcome.

Build your resume.

Future employers are impressed by experience. If you’ve already shown an interest and involvement in your desired career, you’re a step ahead.