Campus Centers and Institutes

The following Campus Centers and Institutes (CCI) are defined per Presidential Memorandum 2022-01 and Coded Memorandum AA-2014-18 of the California State University Office of the Chancellor:

  • Academic Research and Evaluation Center
  • Center for Innovation in STEM Education
  • Center for International Education
  • Snap Inc. Institute for Technology Education
  • Center for Academic Excellenece in Cyber Defense, Computational Science, and Knowledge Management
  • Center for African Diaspora Sacred Music and Musicians
  • Center for Sustainability and the Environment
  • Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute
  • South Bay Economics Institute
  • The Entrepreneurial Institute @ CSUDH
  • Urban Community Research Center

More information on active CCI charters, the CCI chartering process, and campus centers exempted from this policy will be coming soon. Please watch this space for updates.