Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training


Information for PIs, Students and Postdoctoral Fellows on NSF-Required RCR Training

All California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) students and postdoctoral researchers supported by the NSF are required to complete the no-cost on-line RCR training offered by the Center on Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (CMDITR) with support from the National Science Foundation. The CMDITR RCR course is designed to be used by institutions or organizations to provide a basic course in the RCR that will fulfill ethics training requirements required by NSF.


Each student or postdoctoral fellow engaged in research supported by NSF shall complete the CMDITR RCR course within three months of joining the project.  


The CMDITR RCR course has three main modules: (1) Rights and Obligations, (2) Collaboration, Communication and Grants Management and (3) Intellectual Property. There are six individual topics covered in each main module. Most are followed by a brief quiz. All modules must be completed.    

Time Required

It is estimated that each module may require approximately 60 minutes. It is recommended that multiple log-in sessions of about 30-60 minutes each be used to complete the course. The CMDTR website will keep track of each topic that is successfully completed.   Overall, about three hours may be required to complete the entire course.  

Logging on to the CMDITR site

(1) https://nationalethicscenter.org/login?return=L3JjcnR1dG9yaWFsLw

(2) Select “Create and Account” under New Users

(3) Complete the new users form - Go to the Ethics CORE website: http://nationalethicscenter.org/ and register.   The “Organization or School” is The National Science Foundation. It is suggested that you choose “Learning about subject matter” as reason for the account. Activate your newly created account by responding to the confirmatory email. Go to the “Personalize” tab and to groups to join a new group. The group name is “CSUDH Users”.   The group ID is “csudh”. The group title is “CSUDH Users” Once you have joined the group, go to the “RCR Modules” tab and begin the online training.

(4) Notify the Office Research and Funded Projects (ORFP) when you have completed training.

Documenting Compliance

The Office of Research will be able to determine when a CSUDH affiliate successfully completes the RCR training. However, it is recommended that the trainee prints and retains the “congratulations message” that is displayed after completing all modules.