The CSUDH Center for Service Learning, Internships & Civic Engagement (SLICE) is committed to facilitating and fostering quality experiential learning opportunities for students.

Center for Service Learning, Internships & Civic Engagement

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Our Mission

The CSUDH Center for Service Learning, Internships & Civic Engagement (SLICE) is committed to facilitating and fostering quality experiential learning opportunities for students. We support the development of symbiotic relationships between the CSUDH campus, local communities in the Greater Los Angeles/South Bay areas, and our global neighbors in the world community. SLICE advocates campus contributions of knowledge and skill which promote the quality of life in these communities while supporting social justice values and civic responsibility. We support high-impact practices for student success including experiential learning and community-based research. Our work upholds the University Mission in its commitment to "excellence and pluralism in higher education and to further the goals of a democratic society through wide participation and civic responsibility in community, social, and economic affairs."


To see that every student has the opportunity to serve our communities and to see our communities empowered to overcome social injustices and disparities in health, education, and economic opportunities.

Our Values

  • Accountability: We recognize and live up to our responsibility to our students, campus resources and finances, staff, faculty alumni, supporters, and the community at large.
  • Collaboration: All segments of the campus community work together to support our vision as well as our students' success.
  • Continuous Learning: We strive to continually improve teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Rigorous Standards: We identify, implement, and support excellence in all our practices.
  • Proactive Partnerships: We actively engage with our communities and its members to promote educational opportunities and excellence for our students.
  • Respect: We celebrate and respect diversity in all forms.
  • Responsiveness: We are here to serve the needs of students, this community, and society.

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3-part webinar series focused on Creating Virtual and Remote Service-Learning Experiences.

Each session was 1-hour and featured a panel of experts representing a wide array of disciplines and expertise in online learning formats and e-service learning. 

This email includes links (in blue) to the following:

  • Webinar Series Evaluation (5 mins) – as we work to be responsive to the needs across the CSU and California, we hope you will take 5-minutes to complete this brief survey and let us know what worked well and what we could do better in the future. 
  • Webinar Series Recordings see links in the About the Series section below for the session recordings (includes written transcript and password).
  • Slides and Resources ­– resources and slides from the series can be found on this google folder.

About the Series

Higher education instructors and students around the world recently made a rapid transition to remote teaching and learning. As we prepare more thoughtfully for Summer and Fall 2020, we now ask "How do we create virtual or remote Service Learning experiences that meet requirements?" Together we will outline how the key components of service-learning pedagogy (e.g., preparation, action, reflection, evaluation) can be adapted to online environments. 

The three-part webinar series focused on: