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CSU Virtual Volunteer Fair

CSUDH SLICE is excited to participate in this year’s CSU Volunteer Fair as part of our 7th Annual Community Engagement Symposium.

Thanks to our valued community partners, below are great opportunities for students to serve the greater community. 

Scroll down to each opportunity to learn more.

Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute


A space to engage, share, and embrace the Nikkei experience and culture.


Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Marketing and Social Media Intern

Service Requirements

Please submit cover letter and resume to Stephanie Mayeda,

Program Manager (smayeda@jci-gardena.org).

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist with planning and implementation of daily social media strategy to creatively communicate GVJCI mission, improve online visibility, and increase organizational awareness.
  • Develop creative written and visual content for online and social media use.
  • Cover events and programs, including photographing, video shooting, etc (not for online programs/events).
  • Track social media analytics. Assist with media relations and outreach, as needed.
  • Develop and plan an online annual fundraising campaign. Develop and send out a GVJCI online newsletter/email for members.
  • Plan and communicate upcoming community programs and events with Program Manager and Director of Development and Marketing.
  • Collaborate on projects with GVJCI staff and volunteers, as necessary. Attend and help out programs (online or on-site) that are within internship duties.

Schedule (flexible) 15-20 hours/week, - Weekdays, possibly some weekends - Hours: 10am-3pm, Internship Program Duration: May/June 2021 - August 2021

Contact Person: Stephanie Mayeda / Program Manager

Contact Information: smayeda@jci-gardena.org

Organization Website: https://www.jci-gardena.org/

South Bay Family Health Care


Offer low or no-cost dental, medical and behavioral health services to underserved in Los Angeles County

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Service Requirement

18 years and older, passionate about public health issues. Strong computer skills, speaking-communication and able to work alone or with a team. Some knowledge of health policies and agencies for research projects. Proficient in Virtual interactions, Zoom, Google Forms, etc.

Contact Person: Brooke McIntyre Tuley

Contact Information: dbmcintye@sbclinic.org

Organization Website: https://www.sbfhc.org/

Help Me Help You


To uplift homeless and low income families and individuals by increasing access to food, public benefits, and economic security.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Food Pantry Volunteer

Customer Service Volunteer

Service Requirement

Visit website: Volunteer Application 

Contact Information: zina@helpmehelpu.org

Organization Website: https://www.sbfhc.org/

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy


To preserve land and restore habitat for the education and enjoyment of all.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Outdoor Volunteer Days are held Saturdays 9am-12pm; Internships are available in stewardship and media

Service Requirement

Volunteers must work the full 3 hours and wear close-toed shoes. Interns must complete 50 hours and have an interest in the field.

Contact Person: Megan Wolff /Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinator Contact Information: mwolff@pvplc.org

Organization Website: https://pvplc.org/

Mychal's Learning Place


Mychal’s Learning Place believes that children and adults with developmental disabilities deserve to be challenged with opportunities that build self-esteem and independence, creating long term success for life.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Volunteer/Internship Application

Service Requirement

Background Clearance. Currently virtual but if in person Physical & TB test also.

Contact Person: Christie Martinez/Administrative Program Director

Contact Information: christie@mychals.org

Organization Website: https://www.mychals.org/

The Love Story Media Inc


We inspire the broken hearted to transform pain into creative expression.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Grant Writer - 4 months

Journal-Artist - one year.

Service Requirement

Volunteer Application

Contact Information: Mingjie@thelovestory.org

Organization Website: https://www.thelovestory.org/

Community Action Partnership Orange County


To end and prevent poverty by providing resources to individuals when they need them.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Food Box Packaging

Traditional event

Inside Food Bank warehouse

Socially distanced

Maximum 40 persons

Monday-Friday 9-11:00

Saturday 8:30-10:30 and 11-1:00

Custom scheduling available

Register at: capoc.org/volunteer/ or contact

Andre Gaithe agaithe@capoc.org (714) 897-6670 ext. 3493

The Giving Farm

Outdoors on 8-acre Farm

Located at Westminster High School

Maximum 15 persons (socially distanced)

Monday-Friday 9am-12pm (depending on weather)

Some Saturdays

Temporarily, volunteers must be over 18

Register at: capoc.org/volunteer/ 

or contact

Katherine Martinez kmartinez.americorps@capoc.org

Food Box Delivery

Individual activity

Delivering food boxes to homes of vulnerable seniors

Commitment to deliver at least 1 partial day each week for a minimum of 3 months

Volunteers engaged in this service will be processed through LiveScan

Contact: Andre Gaithe agaithe@capoc.org (714) 897-6670 x 3493

or contact

Trudy Wilson twilson@capoc.org (714) 897-6670 x 3610

Service Requirement

Must be over 18 years old and/or be processed through LiveScan

Contact Person: Mark Lowry/Director

Contact Information: mlowry@capoc.org

Organization Website: https://www.capoc.org/

1736 Family Crisis Center


1736 Family Crisis Center's mission is to comprehensively help children, women, men and families through crisis circumstances, including domestic violence, homelessness, abuse, neglect, poverty, substance use, post-traumatic stress disorder and distress, and to improve their prospects for long-term housing, safety, survival, financial stability and success.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Our hope is to be able to resume on-site internship opportunities in our Domestic Violence and Youth Shelters. Interns gain hands-on experience working with our staff and clients as they recover and heal from their trauma. Much of this experience will come from working with the children in our shelters.

Service Requirement

LiveScan and TB clearance, completion of 40-hour Domestic Violence training course

Volunteer Application

Contact Person: Michele Nadeau/Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Contact Information: michelefor1736@gmail.com

Organization Website: https://www.1736familycrisiscenter.org/

Agency Overview

The Youth Center


The Mission of The Youth Center is to transform children’s lives one family at a time through collaborative social, educational and recreational programs. Since the birth of the Youth Center in 1952, this charity has been honored to have the opportunity to establish valuable partnerships within the community. The Youth Center takes deep pride in the stellar network of collaborators. The Youth Center fully acknowledges their critical importance in this organization’s levels of current and future success.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

After School Program Volunteer

Camp Shark Volunteer

Service Requirement

Volunteer Application

Contact Information: kim@theyouthcenter.org

Organization Website: https://www.theyouthcenter.org/

Century Villages at Cabrillo


We finance, build, and operate exceptional affordable housing so that the people we serve may have a dignified home, a healthy and hopeful future and attain economic independence.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Virtual program lead: CVC is seeking highly motivated self-starters who are comfortable leading activities in a virtual setting to help us better engage our more than 1500 residents. Activities should be wellness activities, such as cooking, self-care, arts and crafts, or social groups that can be accessed via Zoom or a similar forum OR that can be led as a tutorial in a video format. Students would be expected to contribute a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time, with a max of five hours credited for each activity led. Scheduling will be entirely up to each student to determine when to work on production and hosting each meeting. Support will be available as needed from CVC staff for marketing, technical needs, and program logistics and planning. Content creator: CVC is seeking highly motivated content creators who can respond well to creative feedback and work well in a team to create written and multi-media content for our website, social media, and resident engagement efforts. Preferred applicants will be strong writers, comfortable with public speaking, and well versed in graphic design and social media. Video editing and/or podcasting skills are preferred but not required. Schedules for these students will vary depending on each students’ availability. A minimum of 20 hours will be required of each student.

Service Requirement

A minimum of 20 hours will be required of each student.

Contact Person: Paige Pelonis/Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Contact Information: ppelonis@century.org

Organization Website: https://centuryvillages.org/



PATH is ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. We do this by building affordable housing and providing supportive services throughout California.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Care Kits-Care Kits include new travel sized hygiene items and non-perishable snacks for our neighbors living on the streets. PATH street outreach teams distribute Care Kits to our neighbors experiencing homelessness and use them as an engagement tool to build relationships.The most useful way to assemble and distribute these items is in 1-gallon plastic bags. You are welcome to personalize kits with note cards, but we ask that you refrain from including personal contact information. Food Support Kits-Our neighbors living in supportive housing are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. We are in need of non-perishable food donations, so that they may remain safe and healthy in their homes.Food support bags can be assembled in cardboard boxes or reusable grocery bags. These kits will be distributed directly to those most in need. Welcome Home Kits-With the opening of new supportive housing sites, we will be welcoming previously homeless adults into a new home. Help our new tenants feel safe and comfortable in their new home by providing basic home goods, kitchen items, and cleaning supplies.

Service Requirement

Volunteer Application

Contact Information: katherineh@epath.org

Organization Website: https://www.path.org/

Michelson Found Animals - Better Neighbor Project


Better Neighbor Project partners with human service organizations to develop collaborative programs that support under-served communities and their pets. Our collaborations help make emergency shelters pet-inclusive, add pet food and supply distributions to existing food pantries, offer low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinics in the communities with most need, and more.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Pet Medical Support

Event Support

Pet Pantry

Community Ambassador

Pet Food Bag Packing

Remote Administrative Support

Contact Person: Jen S. - Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Information: mfavolunteer@foundanimals.org

Organization Website: https://www.foundanimals.org/volunteer/

A Community of Friends


A Community of Friends’ mission is to end homelessness through the provision of quality permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

A Community of Friends offers and after-school program in which unique opportunities are created for children to explore topics and interests through engaging, hands-on activities. Children may be introduced to varying concepts and varying approaches that expand upon the learning done in the classroom. Whether remote or in person, the program will be a place for experiential learning, fostering critical thinking and creativity in a safe and welcoming environment that, ultimately, encourages and empowers children to make healthier choices on their own.


Foster an inclusive environment in which each participant’s individuality will be respected, understood, and embraced. Provide a safe and nurturing environment that supports the developmental, social-emotional, physical, and personal well-being of all. Design activities utilizing meaningful and engaging learning methods that promote collaboration and maintain high expectations. Promote the well-being of youth through opportunities to learn about and practice balanced nutrition, physical activity, and other healthy choices.

Staff Members’ Responsibilities

• Model healthy behavior in a professional manner at all times

• Ensure proper documentation of attendance for youth and interns/volunteers

• Maintain a master calendar of events, workshops, and daily activity log

• Provide one-on-one tutoring and/or group tutoring sessions, adapting approach to meet students’ needs

• Conduct daily enrichment workshops that engage and stimulate students’ interests

• Provide guidance and promote accountability of decisions

• Develop lesson plans and/or student handouts for workshop purposes

• Complete weekly reflection reports

Guidelines for Tutoring

Assist students in understanding and learning subject and/or content material. Help students become independent learners. Assist in problem solving through questions rather than simply providing answers. Give positive feedback and celebrate accomplishments. Enable follow-up meetings. Formulate beforehand the Leaning Objective to be aligned with content exercise(s). Offer an icebreaker or warm-up activity as an engaging opening to a workshop. Provide content exercise(s) that will reinforce lesson being taught. Offer a final assessment assignment to evaluate retention of material. Provide take home extension activity(s) that children can use independently.

Service Requirement

18 years of age and older

Contact Information: dmadrid@acof.org

Organization Website: https://www.acof.org/

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will advance an effective, ethical, and racially equitable system of justice that protects the community, restores victims of crime, and honors the rights of the accused. We are a learning organization that believes in reduced incarceration and punishment except in circumstances in which it is proportional, in the community’s interest, and serves a rehabilitative or restorative purpose.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

  1. Volunteer Student Worker
  2. Volunteer Law Clerk
  3. General Volunteer

Application Packet

Application Wavier

Service Requirement

All individuals interested in a volunteer internship must complete the Application Packet Forms and the Background Investigation Forms, which are available online on at the District Attorney’s Office website at https://da.lacounty.gov/ under the “Contact/Volunteer” tab.

Contact Person: Tina Hooks, Deputy-in-Charge of Recruitment Unit

Contact Information: THooks@da.lacounty.gov

Organization Website: https://da.lacounty.gov/

City of Gardena - Gardena, CA


The Recreation Division of the City of Gardena Recreation and Human Services Department is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of recreational, social, and community service programs. The Division is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the community by providing high quality, cost-efficient recreational activities, innovative programs, and special events.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Working in Recreation, Human Services, and with Seniors.

Contact Information: nsweeney@cityofgardena.org

Organization Website: https://www.cityofgardena.org/

PALS Programs


PALS creates inclusive camp experiences for people with and without Down syndrome. Our volunteer-led programs change attitudes, transform lives, and inspire a world of belonging. Our work fosters close connections and a sense of belonging, built around quality, accepting and caring people. Together, we create the best place on earth and a family away from home.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

PALS serves people with Down syndrome by pairing them one-to-one with a volunteer, and together they have fun and build friendships over the course of our programs. After a hiatus due to COVID, we are launching programs all across the country, including our first-ever Los Angeles camp. We need volunteers! This event will be held from appx. 10a-4pm over a Saturday and Sunday in July (7/17-7/18). We will be doing fun activities such as swimming, karaoke, relay races, and more. All participants must wear a mask and will be placed on small teams to promote social distancing. Lunch is provided to all volunteers, and we can work with you to assist with transportation logistics.

Service Requirement

No experience is needed, and we encourage anyone interested to apply!

Contact Person: Ashley Parish / Community Development Associate

Contact Information: ashley@palsprograms.org

Organization Website: https://www.palsprograms.org/summer

Wilmington Jaycees Foundation Senior Center


To Help Seniors and Youth have a better quality of life.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Taking 1 Intern (Per Semester)

Service Requirement

Contact Us

Contact Person: Maria Martinez

Contact Information: wjc-ebp@att.net

Organization Website: http://wilmingtonjayceesfoundation.yolasite.com/

Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson (BGCC) helps bridge the gap between school and home, welcoming nearly 1,000 kids on any given day. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson offers young people a safe environment where they can have fun and be themselves, dedicated adult mentors who respect and listen to them and outcome-based programs that empower youth to become lifelong learners. In 2016, our Club was ranked as the fastest growing Club for teens nationwide. We offer high quality after-school programming at 8 locations in Carson and South Los Angeles for youth ages 6-18 years old.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

See links below for STEM Day one-time volunteer opportunities on Friday, April 23rd. Also attached are documents detailing long-term and recurring volunteer opportunities provided by our organization.

Service Requirement

Volunteers must be over the age of 18 years old and be willing to undergo a background check and live scan process if classified as a recurring volunteer. For one-time opportunities, volunteers can head to our organization's website to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form. Within 48 hours of submission, prospective volunteers will be personally contacted by Dom Anderson (volunteer@bgccarson.org) to discuss volunteer need and appropriate fit. We look forward to receiving your inquiries!

Contact Person: Dom Anderson / AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Information: volunteer@bgccarson.org

Organization Website: https://www.bgccarson.org/

Friends of Gardena Willows Wetlands Preserve


The Friends was founded to restore, maintain, and enhance the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve’s unique natural habitat and native flora and fauna for the enjoyment, enrichment, and education of present and future generations of all ages.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Work Day held every third Saturday of the month, 8-11 AM.

Contact Person: Jennifer Fleming/Board President

Contact Information: jennifer@gardenawillows.org

Organization Website: https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Gardena-Willows-Wetland-Preserve-Inc-181698815194594

Long Beach Gray Panthers


We educate and inform on issues relevant to older adults, including housing, healthcare, leadership, voting rights, environment, and work on preserving Social Security and Medicare.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

We offer weekly educational seminars, project completion, leadership training, Grant writing and Advocacy training.

Service Requirement

It is required to attend online trainings, complete an interview of an Older Adult, attend a City Council meeting, and complete a personal project relevant to major.

Contact Information: longbeachgraypanthers@gmail.com

Organization Website: www.longbeachgraypanthers.org 

South Bay LGBTQ Center


To create spaces where all LGBTQ+/Queer people can thrive though cultural awareness, community building, community service and learning opportunities. We hope to foster greater inclusion as well as understanding of our LGBTQ+/Queer and other intersecting communities in the South Bay area.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Positions Available: Lead Front Desk Volunteer(s), Front Desk Volunteer(s), Event & Fundraiser Volunteer(s), and Community Outreach Volunteer(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, volunteer opportunities are limited and some positions may be placed on pause.

Service Requirement

Volunteer Requirements Vary.

Please visit our website for more information

Contact Information: southbaylgbtcenter@gmail.com

Organization Website: www.southbaycenter.org