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In partnership with California Volunteers and the Office of the Governor, #CaliforniansForAll College Corps brings together college students across the states to address social needs in the community while promoting academic success, professional development, leadership development, and economic well-being.

Program Goals:

  • GOAL 1: Engage college students in meaningful service opportunities that build leadership skills and civic responsibility.
  • GOAL 2: Help students from diverse backgrounds graduate college on time and with less debt.
  • GOAL 3: Support the work of community-based organizations focused on key local priorities (e.g.K-12 Education, Food Insecurity, Climate Action).

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March 31st Priority Deadline

Applications Close May 1st

Contact information and location

For more information contact the Center for Service Learning, Internships, & Civic Engagement (SLICE)

1000 E. Victoria St. WH 105 Carson CA 90747

Why should I join College Corps?

Students who complete all fellowship requirements will receive the following benefits:

  • A $7,000 stipend (paid monthly throughout the academic year)
  • A $3,000 Education Award for school related expenses upon completion of the 450 hours of service
  • Become a part of a statewide efforts to address critical social needs in your local communities.
  • Professional and leadership opportunities
  • Student and faculty mentorship
  • Receive 3-unit credit for being enrolled to a service learning course 

Are you a Cerritos College Student interested in participating in CSUDH College Corps?

What you get:

  • Earn up to $10,000 over the academic year with the successful completion of 450 hours of service.
  • Academic credit at CSUDH upon approval of cross enrollment
  • Networking opportunities, career development, and hands-on training
  • Limited availability, apply now!

What is the role of a College Corps Fellow?

College Corps will have the opportunity to serve in one of the following three target areas:

  • K-12 Education: Partner with local school districts to provide tutoring, mentoring, and coaching services to school aged students.
  • Climate Action: Partner with local organizations to promote sustainability, landscaping, urban farming, energy conservation, environmental education/justice, etc.
  • Food Insecurity: Partner with local organizations to provide food/nutrition support and promote awareness of food insecurity across the community.  

How do I become eligible to join College Corps?

College Corps Members must be:

  • An enrolled undergraduate student to CSUDH, taking at least 12 units per semester
  • Must be in satisfactory academic standing
  • Ability to commit for an entire academic year
  • AB540/Dreamers are also encouraged to apply!
  • Be able to complete all background checks
Are you a Cerritos College student interested in participating in #CaliforniansForAll College Corps?

Do you meet the qualifications listed below?

Required qualifications:

  • Must be enrolled student at Cerritos College, taking at least 12 units per semester.
  • Must be in satisfactory academic standing.
  • Ability to commit for an entire academic year.
  • Be able to complete all background checks.


Program Features

- Stipend: Up to $7,000 living stipend paid in installments throughout the academic year.

- 450+ hours of service

- $3,000 Education Award upon completion of 450 service hours 

- Academic credit at CSUDH [3-unit course as cross-enrollment]

- Open to Dreamers

- Choose an area of interest K-12 Education; Climate Change; Food Insecurity

- Real world experience 

- Act fast as there are limited spots held for Cerritos College students.

- If plan to transfer to Cal State Dominguez Hill, this is a rare and unique opportunity to be part of this distinguished program.

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