CSUDH students study abroad

Why Choose to Study Abroad?

  • Enhance your education
  • Live in another culture
  • Build your resume
  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Make new friends

"Traveling across the country, visiting beautiful cites, enjoying the scenery, and spoiling oneself with the delicious food, I would highly recommend this program for the adventurous and open minded student."
~Ruben Dominguez on Stone and Compass, Bulgaria
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Study Abroad Experience
Education is a slow-moving but powerful force. It may not be fast enough or strong enough to save us from catastrophe, but it is the strongest force available for that purpose and in its proper place, therefore, is not at the periphery, but at the center of international relations.” J. William Fulbright


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Dr. Jan Gasco shares a little insight about what students will experience on their trip to Bulgaria: #CSUDHinBulgaria #DHStudyAbroad Posted by CSUDH Study Abroad Program on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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