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The Study Abroad Office provides opportunities for all California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) students to study or intern in other countries or virtually. Studying abroad is one of the most academically rewarding experiences a student can have. Become immersed in the culture, history, and academic life of a brand-new country while making progress toward your degree.

Why Choose to Study Abroad?

  • Enhance your education
  • Live in another culture
  • Build your resume
  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Make new friends

CSUDH Study Abroad Programs

Review these Study Abroad Options that fit your preference ▼

Winter Intersession 2022-23 | Bulgaria | New Zealand
Note: Winter intersession runs between December and late January.

MGT 200Global Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility in Bulgaria

KIN 180: Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Spring Intersession 2023 | Bulgaria | Italy

Note: Spring intersession runs between Spring and Summer terms, usually in May or June.

Spring Intersession in Bulgaria

  • 3-6 units
  • Dr. John Keyantash or Dr. Janine Gasco  
    • GEO 495: Water Sustainability and Geodiversity in the Balkans (Dr. Keyantash) 
    • ANT 495: Food Traditions of Bulgaria (Dr. Gasco)
  • Stolat, Bulgaria
  • Course May 24 to June 30, 2023
  • Travel June 5-17, 2023 
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See this video for more information about GEO 495 in Bulgaria (10 minutes):

Spring Intersession in Italy

  • 3-9 units
  • Dr. Giacomo Bono, Dr. Janine Gasco, or Dr. Thomas Norman
    • PSY 495: Cross-Cultural Psychology in Italy: Traditions and Foods of Wellbeing (Dr. Bono)
    • ANT 495: Food Traditions of Sicily (Dr. Gasco)
    • MGT 200: Global Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility (Dr. Norman)
  • Sicily, Italy
  • June 17-30, 2023 
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See this video for more information about PSY 495 in Italy (15 minutes):

Summer 2023 | Graduate Occupational Therapy | Bulgaria

CSUDH Graduate Occupational Therapy Geriatric Program
Travel Dates: August 12—August 21, 2023  

Graduate Internship for Occupational Therapy Students:
A hands-on opportunity for International service-learning fieldwork experience with clinical faculty, where students utilize and expand therapeutic knowledge and techniques alongside clinical faculty and clients in Bulgaria.

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Virtual & In-Person Advising Sessions Availability

Schedule an appointment to meet with Racheal WanguiStudy Abroad Advisor and have your questions answered regarding travel options, funding your studies, latest travel advisories, and so much more!

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Spring 2023 | Events & Info Sessions 

Ready to take your first steps towards your study abroad adventure?! Join us for our upcoming study abroad fair or one of our upcoming info sessions where you'll hear from current and former study abroad students, discover the life-changing academic and personal benefits of going abroad, and have your questions answered live. Bring a friend!

Studying Abroad First-hand: Student Testimonials

Traveling across the country, visiting beautiful cites, enjoying the scenery, and spoiling oneself with the delicious food, I would highly recommend this program for the adventurous and open minded student." Ruben Dominguez on Stone and Compass, Bulgaria

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