Study Abroad Alumni

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Welcome Back!

During your time abroad you have learned new things, both academically and personally. You have had the opportunity to see the world through a different lens; you have changed and grown in many different ways. Because of this you may begin to realize that you view your culture differently or have had some relationships change. This feeling is completely normal!

The best way to prepare yourself for re-entry to the U.S. is to inform yourself about the process! Please see the “re-entry shock” link for helpful information and articles. And don’t forget – Team Study Abroad is here for you! It is okay to miss your life abroad and we encourage you to participate in our international events, talk to other study abroad alumni or students who are interested in going abroad, in order to help the re-entry shock. You learned valuable skills abroad, use them to market yourself during job interviews and ultimately, to improve your future.


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