Admission Criteria & Deadlines

First-Time Freshman

You are considered a First-Time, First Year (Freshmen) Applicant if you have or will have graduated with a high school diploma (or its equivalent) before the start of your admission term and have not earned any college credit.

  • High school GPA of 2.5 or higher 
  • High school graduation certificate or exam results
    • Transcripts must show grades through the first half of your final year. Please do not send transcripts until those grades are posted to avoid having to submit multiple transcripts.
    • Students with “O” levels must provide scores for at least 5 subjects completed.
  • English requirement

Please submit the following documents into the International Applicants Dropbox:

  1. Submit photocopies of all academic records from your upper secondary schools, pre-university programs, and/or external examinations results (i.e. GCSE, IB results, board examination results, etc). If the academic records are not officially issued in English, certified English translations must also be submitted with the original translated document.
  2. Provide proof of English Proficiency. Please visit our webpage for more information:
  3. Provide documentation showing that you have sufficient financial resources to complete your course of study at CSUDH. You will need to show financial certification of $38,292 for your first year of study. If your education will be sponsored, please fill out and submit the CSUDH Affidavit of Financial Support along with the financial documents and a copy of your passport. Please visit our webpage for more information:
  4. If you have an educational gap of one or more years between your high school graduation and are applying for CSUDH, please also submit the Educational History/Gaps form

*Please log into your MyCSUDH campus portal to view your To Do List for any additional documents that may be requested.

Submit your complete packet to our International Applicant Dropbox. All packets should include the completed coversheet.

If you have submitted your Cal State Apply application or have been admitted to the university and have further questions regarding submitting additional documents or your application status, please contact the Office of International Education at

All communications must be via email when contacting the Office of International Education or the Office of Admissions. Please include either your Cal State Apply application (CAS) ID# or CSUDH Toro ID# in all correspondences.

*All documents must be in PDF format. Please note, documents and records received by CSUDH will become the property of the University and will not be returned to the student or forwarded to any other institution or agency.

Undergraduate Transfer (lower-division)

If you have college coursework, but less than 60 units, you are a lower-division transfer student.

  • High school GPA of 3.0 or higher *2.5 GPA beginning Fall 2021 admissions
  • High school graduation certificate or exam results
  • College/university GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Mathematics passed with a C or better
  • English requirement
Undergraduate Transfer (upper-division)
  • 60 semester (90 quarter) transferable units from an accredited college/university
  • Students transferring from a California institution must have completed:
    • Golden Four (English composition, speech communication, critical thinking and mathematics) passed with a grade "C" or better
  • Students transferring from an out-of-state institution must have completed: 
    • English composition, speech communication, and mathematics passed with a grade "C" or better
  • Students with only foreign college coursework must have completed:
    • Mathematics passed with a grade "C" or high
  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher 
  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable credential from an accredited institution
    • Grade Point Average (GPA) of a minimum of 2.5 (A=4.00) in:
      • Either a whole U.S. equivalent baccalaureate degree program.
      • OR in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted in a U.S. equivalent baccalaureate degree program.
      • OR have already obtained a post-baccalaureate (graduate) degree from a regionally accredited institution (US equivalent master’s degree or higher)
  • English requirement

*Some graduate programs require higher GPA. Check the graduate program specific website for further information.

Don't have English proficiency yet? Apply for Conditional Admissions!

  • Students without English proficiency can submit an application to their academic program of choice and submit a separate application to our Intensive English Program (IEP)
  • Conditionally admitted students will take ESL courses through our Intensive English program to improve their English Proficiency and meet the requirements for full admissions to receive a TOEFL waiver and then start their academic program the following semester.

*More information on conditional admissions, as well as how to apply for conditional admissions, can be found at ALCP.

Priority Application Deadlines
FallOct 1 - Dec 1Oct 1 - Dec 1
SpringAug 1 - Aug 31Aug 1 - Aug 31


Application Deadlines

Outside U.S.

Inside U.S.


*some programs differ, see: DEADLINES.

FallOct 1 - Mar 30Oct 1 - May 1Oct 1 - Apr 30
SpringAug 1 - Oct 1Aug 1 - Nov 1Aug 1 - Oct 31

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