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Check with Financial Aid Office

  • Speak with a financial aid representative to discuss what forms of financial aid you may be eligible to receive to assist with your costs.
  • Not all financial aid awards are applicable to all study abroad programs.
  • CSU International Program is the only program where all awards may be used.
  • The State University Grant or Cal Grant B (fees) cannot be used toward USAC and Independent Study Abroad program costs.

Plan Ahead

  • Review the cost of the program and what funds you may be eligible for to see if you will be able to study abroad.
  • Apply for scholarships.
  • Save.
  • Wait at least a semester.


  • Financial aid awards are usually disbursed a week before the start of each semester.
  • Students studying abroad through CSU IP will have their fees paid directly to the CSU IP program and will receive the refund for the difference (if there is one).
  • Students studying abroad through USAC will receive their entire financial aid award for the semester they are studying abroad and will be responsible for paying USAC directly.
  • Financial aid refunds are issued by check or direct deposit.
  • If you will be leaving before your financial aid refund arrives you should plan to have funds set aside.


  • Depending on how much money you plan on taking and how long you will be studying abroad you will need to budget.
  • Make a budget and account for all expenses you will be responsible for (i.e.: housing, transportation, food, personal expenses, etc.).


  • Notify your bank that you will be abroad.
  • Ask your bank about any fees you will be charged to access your account.

Find out about currency conversion fees and currency exchange rates

Re-Apply for Financial Aid

If you will be studying abroad through the year long program be sure to re-apply for financial aid beginning January 1. The priority deadline to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is March 2.