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Passport Validity

Your passport must be valid at all times. For information on how to renew your passport, please contact your country's local embassy or consulate.

Full-time Enrollment

International students must be full-time enrolled during their academic program. Full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is 12 units, graduate students is 8 units.

Reduced Course Load

If you enroll in less than the required number of units, you must submit an Application for Reduced Course Load to ISS for review. Failure to obtain approval PRIOR to dropping below full time status will affect your immigration status. Submitting a request does not indicate an automatic approval; once it is reviewed, ISS will contact you.

Online Courses

As an international student, you are only allowed to have one 3 units online course to be counted toward the full time enrollment per Fall and Spring semester. *Exception: Saudi Arabian Government sponsored students are restricted to only few classes during entire academic program. Please check with your sponsor before enrolling in online classes.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allow you to enroll in a limited number of classes at another institution while attending CSUDH. As CSUDH is your primary school listed on your I-20, the majority of courses enrolled must be taken at CSUDH. Undergraduate students MUST enroll in at least 9 units at CSUDH. You will submit the Authorization for Concurrent Enrollment form to the ISS office for review. If it is approved, the ISS advisor will sign the bottom portion of the form which you will take to the institution as proof that you can enroll in the course.

Report I-20 Changes

You must report any change of major, or funding to the ISS within ten (10) days as ISS is required to report changes to SEVIS. you will be notified to pick up a new I-20 once the changes have been made. Failure to report these changes will cause you to fall out of status.
Please complete the I-20 Request-Replacement or Change of Major form and submit it to the ISS office for review.

Program Extensions

Your I-20 must be valid at all times while studying at CSUDH. If you cannot complete your degree by the date printed on you I-20 (Program End Date), you must submit an I-20 Request-Program Extension form for review to the ISS office at least 30 days before the expiration date of you I-20.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

You may request Leave of Absence for up to one year during your academic program at CSUDH. However, in order for you to request a LOA, you must meet with an ISS advisor to discuss the university's process and immigration regulations. If the LOA is approved, you must leave the U.S. during the requested period. If you do not enroll at CSUDH for more than two semesters, you will need to apply for readmission to the university.

Address Changes

You must also report any change of address, i.e. your actual physical residence, within ten (10) days of the change by updating your biographical data in myCSUDH account and submitting the Address Update Form to the ISS office.

Letter Request

If you need a certification/verification letter, please submit the Certification of Status Letter Request form to the ISS office. The ISS office will not issue Invitation Letters for family members.

Transfer In/Out

You must notify ISS in order to transfer your SEVIS record to another school in the U.S. To request a transfer of your SEVIS record, you must submit the following documents to ISS:

California Driver's Licences

California Driver's License is required if you wish to drive in California. More information on how to apply for a Driver's License is on the DMV Information form.

Grace Period

  1. F-1 Students who have completed their studies or completed their Optional Practical Training period have 60 days to prepare to leave the U.S., apply for Optional Practical Training (if you did not use it after your most recent degree program), transfer out to another US school, or start a new program at CSUDH.
  2. F-1 Students who withdraw from CSUDH with an approval from the ISS have 15 days to prepare to leave the U.S.
  3. F-1 Students who withdraw WITHOUT an approval from the ISS office must leave the U.S. immediately.

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