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CSUDH Study Abroad Bulgaria: Student Testimonial from Dolores Duran

Former CSUDH students Leslie Estrada (Class of 2016) and Ruben Dominguez (Class of 2016) studied in Bulgaria July of 2016. Here is what they have to say:

Leslie Estrada

     "If anyone is debating whether or not to study abroad in Bulgaria, I say go for it! When I explored Bulgaria last summer with CSUDH and Stone and Compass, I fell in love with the country. I knew nothing about Bulgaria going in, but they have so much to offer. The people of Stone and Compass are dependable, passionate and caring and they make you feel like you're at home, although you are a world away!"

     "It was great to be in such a prehistoric country and being able to check out ancient Greek, Roman and Thracian archaeological sites. Bulgarians are proud of their history and culture, and their food is phenomenal (you'll love it here if you like Mediterranean, trust me). Bulgarians hold tradition close to them, as craftspeople still weave beautiful tapestries, woodwork and blacksmith. The architecture and landscape is pretty incredible as Bulgaria has been around since the 5th century and everything is built on top of one another. In a city you can see cobblestone streets, historic basilicas, a castle fortress, soviet-era buildings, all within a modernized neighborhood. There are sunflowers everywhere during the summer and the countryside is gorgeous. The country is very affordable, even on a student's budget! If you're interested, you should try to pick up the Cyrillic alphabet and learn more about their language."

     "I felt that the most beautiful moment in Bulgaria was when we were able to share an incredible dinner with everyone at the Stone and Compass center, toasting with Rakia and watching folk dancers share their passion and culture with us. It was a special moment that will stick with me forever. I had a fantastic time in Bulgaria and I hope you take the opportunity that Stone and Compass and CSUDH has to offer."

Ruben Dominguez

     "In the summer of 2016, I had the wonderful privilege of visiting the country Bulgaria. During this two-week trip, I had to opportunity to experience, witness, and educate myself about the colorful culture of Bulgaria. Fortunately, during my trip, I was able to indulge in activities that pertain to all three courses being offered during Spring Intersession, 2017: ANT 102 for Ancient Civilizations, ANT 341 for Folklore, and ANT 495 for Special Topics on Food & Culture. I highly recommend these courses not only for future anthropology majors but for all students who like to travel, are curious and want to learn about other cultures."

     "In the ANT 102 for Ancient Civilizations, we were honored by visiting a true ancient site. In ANT 341 for Folklore, we visited numerous museums which educated us in the vibrant culture that is Bulgaria. And last, ANT 495 for Special Topics: Food & Culture, we had the treat of indulging in the Bulgarian cuisine every day!"

     "Not only was I excited for this trip of what I would learn, but also what I would see. It is always exhilarating to visit a new country, especially a country in which many have not had the advantage to visit. All one has to do it pay for the cost of the course, purchase their plane tickets, and the rest is taken care of. Boarding, food, transportation is all taken care of; just take some money if you wish to treat yourself to a wonderful gift and be ready for a new adventure. Traveling across the country, visiting beautiful cites, enjoying the scenery, and spoiling oneself with the delicious food, I would highly recommend this program for the adventurous and open minded student."