CSUDH Jumpstart is a part of a national early education organization providing language, literacy, and socio-emotional curriculum to preschools in underserved communities. Jumpstart at CSUDH has been serving preschools in Compton for seven years and the program continues to expand. Jumpstart is open to CSUDH students across disciplines/majors.

For more information, contact:

Jessica Ramirez
Jumpstart Site Manager
(310) 243-2438

Location: VIL 500

Why should I join Jumpstart?

  • You will be giving a gift to a child that will last a lifetime.
  • You will gain hands-on experience working directly with children, parents, and teachers.
  • Upon completion of 300 service hours, you receive an educational award that can go towards educational expenses.
  • You will be a part of a national network of professionals dedicated to helping close the achievement gap in education.
  • You will be earning service hours that can be placed in your transcripts.
  • The program serves as a wonderful internship opportunity for majors such as human services, child development, psychology, and many more. Check with your instructor regarding internship placement requirements.

What is the role of a Jumpstart Corps member?

Jumpstart Corps members implement the Jumpstart curriculum in preschool classrooms across the country and serve as an aid to teachers. Corps members serve on a team with 5-7 peers and work directly with a local Jumpstart staff member on training, session planning, service opportunities, and more.

Our Corps members allow us to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio to 3:1 in almost every Jumpstart classroom, enabling children to receive individualized learning experiences and develop nurturing relationships with caring adults. Through the Jumpstart program, we help ensure kindergarten readiness for over 11,300 children each year and provide our Corps members with the essential training, skills, and practical experience. Jumpstart members are better prepared for the workforce, especially if they plan to pursue a career in education or related fields.

How to Apply for Jumpstart

Jumpstart accepts application from April through August each year. An online Jumpstart application is available here: https://my.jstart.org/apply/

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