Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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The Spring and Fall Class Schedules are produced by the Division of Academic Affairs. Below are the class schedules by semester. You can either click on the cover of the class schedule or the title below it to link to the appropriate class schedule.

The class schedule offerings for each semester are available online via My Class SearchLog in is not required.


Check out the video to learn how to read the Class Schedule for Fall 2021. This will be very helpful for registering for classes!

Extended & International Education (CEIE)

Courses Offered through Extended & International Education

Summer Sessions as well as Winter and Spring Intersessions are offered through Extended & International Education.

Open Academic Programs

Interested in taking courses in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Organic Chemistry and more? Visit the College of Extended and International Education Open Academic Programs website.

Have additional questions? Visit our Contact Us site for Registration, Information & Customer Service. Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls; if you are unable to get through, please email for additional assistance with Extended Education registrations.

No Admission Required!

Open University | Spring Intersession | Summer Sessions | Winter Session

Plus Nursing; Organic Chemistry...

Open University

If you are not a CSUDH student and would like to take CSUDH courses, you can do so through Open University.


Changes may be made without notice to this website and to the links of the class schedule as needed.