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The Cal State S4 Program is a web-based system for online tracking of student academic placements within their community and is supported by the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor. Cal State S4 functions as a consortium of multiple CSU campus programs, working together to achieve common needs. The consortium model encourages the sharing of best practices between CSU campuses and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

The Purpose of Cal State S4

Cal State S4 is designed to:

  • Manage risk concerns and requirements associated with off-campus academic placements, and specifically outlined in Executive Orders;
  • Collect reliable and accurate data from CSU campuses about community engagement activities and other High Impact Practices (HIPs);
  • Collate and analyze HIPs data from CSU campuses to better understand the impact on student success, graduation and retention rates; and

To log into the Cal State S4 system, visit their CSUDH home page here.

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