Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is the official University document listing the major academic dates for the academic year. The academic calendar is maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development.

The academic calendar is approved on an annual basis by the University President and the CSU Chancellor's Office.

Note: The calendar's are subject to change. Calendar updates will be posted on the academic calendar site.

Academic Year


2019-2020 [PDF]Approved academic calendar.
2019-2020 [PDF]Revised on 9/4/2019. Fall Convocation date updated to September 18, 2019.
2019-2020 [PDF]Updated on 10/2/2019. Spring 2020 final examination link added to calendar.
2019-2020 [PDF]Updated on 4/20/2020. The Serious Accident/Illness Required to Drop/Withdraw deadline has been extended from April 10 to May 8. 


2020-2021 [PDF]Approved academic calendar.