Student Research Conference

About the Student Research Conference

California State University, Dominguez Hills recognizes student research as a fundamental part of student learning. CSUDH continually explores new ways to provide research opportunities to students and faculty to expand their research knowledge and providing resources for their research and presentation.

The annual CSUDH Student Research Conference for undergraduate and graduate scholar activities is held to promote excellence in research by recognizing outstanding students' accomplishments across the disciplines.

SRC 2024 will take place Wednesday, February 14 through Friday, February 16.

The Conference Program and Abstracts are now available to download.

The CSUDH Student Research Conference, February 14-16, 2024, provides an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate scholars to have a professional conference experience where they can share their research or creative projects and receive valuable feedback within a supportive community of fellow CSUDH researchers.
Students can choose a presentation format that best suits where they are in their research:
Types of Presentations
If you have completed your research project or have reached a significant milestone on the way toward publishable work, you can give a 10-minute oral presentation of your research. There will be five minutes for Q&A from the session judges after each presentation. If your project involves human subjects and is subject to IRB approval, you will need to have received IRB approval for your project prior to submitting your abstract.
If you have a completed research project, your project is still underway, or if it is a part of a larger project, you can present the status of your contribution to the work in a poster format. A poster presentation presents all of the components of a research project on one canvas. A poster can cover a completed project, a portion of a larger project, or a project still underway. Session judges will walk around and ask student presenters to provide an overview of their project using their posters. Students will also be able to share their research with attendees as they walk around and visit posters.
A group of students from the same class, lab, etc. can propose a symposium together! Just like in the 10-minute oral presentation category, each participant will give a 10-minute oral presentation and then have 5 minutes for Q&A. The difference will be that the presentations in the Symposium session will all be related in some way. The members of a symposium will decide ahead of time whether they would like their session to be part of the judged competition or to not take part in the competition aspect of the conference. Symposia will include 4-6 oral presentations on the same project, topic, or theme.
If you are just getting started on your project, or are new to research programs, you can discuss the work you are doing in a roundtable format. Students will participate in a discussion moderated by a faculty or staff member during which they will share an overview of their work and receive feedback on how to move forward with their project.
Developmental Project Sessions will be designated for projects that were conducted for class assignments or similar learning experiences and were not intended to contribute to generalizable research. Developmental projects may be at any stage of completion. Students presenting developmental projects will have the choice of a 10-minute oral or poster presentation.
* Note: Roundtable and developmental project presentations are not eligible to be selected for awards and will not be eligible to be chosen to compete in the CSU Statewide competition.
Session Categories
Behavioral/Social Sciences, Public Admin
Biological and Agricultural Sciences
Business, Economics, Hospitality Management
Creative Arts and Design
Engineering and Computer Science
Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences
Humanities and Letters
Physical and Mathematical Sciences

CSU Student Research Competition

The CSU-wide competition will showcase excellent research conducted by CSU undergraduate and graduate students in the full range of academic programs offered by the CSU. Student participants will make oral presentations before juries of professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, colleges and universities in California. The 38th Annual CSU Student Research Competition will be hosted by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in April 2024.

If you wish to be considered for the CSU Student Research Competition, please indicate at the end of the SRC 2024 application. Note: only individual presentations in the first 3 categories (10-minute oral, poster, and symposium) will be eligible to compete at the Statewide Competition; roundtable and developmental project presenters will not be eligible to compete.
For more information about the CSUDH Student Research Conference or the CSU Statewide Competition, please contact the 2024 SRC Committee at


The list of session winners is now available. Congratulations to all the students who participated in making SRC 2023 a success!

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