Start or Renew an Organization

The Club Recognition Process is currently closed.

The process for 23-24 will start after April 1.

Review the Student Organization Recognition Checklist

for the complete overview of the recognition process, resources, orientations, and deadlines. 

STEP 1: President, Treasurer and Facilities Signer Complete Form on Toro Link:

Who: President, Treasurer, and Facilities Signer (Event Scheduler)

What: Student leaders will begin by completing key organization information and will be prompted to review university policies related to student organizations. Some policies covered are officer eligibility, alcohol use and anti-hazing. President, Treasurer, and Facilities Signers can get started by logging into their Toro Link account and clicking the link below.  

Action Items:

  1. Review and complete Step 1: President, Treasurer, and Facilities Signer Form on Toro Link.

STEP 2: President, Treasurer and Facilities Signer Attend One In-Person Orientation:

Who: President, Treasurer and Facilities Signer

What: This required orientation will cover event policies, funding opportunities and assist leaders in completing their toro link registration. Student leaders will also get an opportunity to network and interact with staff and peers. President, Treasurer and Facilities Signers must sign up and attend one of the following orientations:

***NOTE: Officer members from the same organizations can attend different sessions***

Items to prepare before Orientation:

Updated or New Constitution and Bylaws:

  • The Constitution outlines the purpose, structure, and limits of an organization. The Bylaws describe in detail the procedures and steps the organization must follow in order to conduct business effectively and efficiently. Template is available on Toro Link.   
  • Note:  If you are a returning organization with no amendments to existing Constitution and Bylaws, you will upload your existing document.

Organization Roster with 5 members (President, Treasurer, Facilities Signer and two other members):

  • Undergraduate President and Treasurer must have a semester and cumulative 2.3 GPA and must be enrolled in 6.0 units.
  • For graduate students, the President and Treasurer must have a semester and cumulative 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in 3.0 units.
  • A Facilities Signer is an event scheduler for the organization, and has the ability to submit events on behalf of the organization. Facilities Signer must be a currently enrolled student at CSUDH.

Action Item:

  1. RSVP and attend one orientation: 

Step 3

STEP 3: Advisors Attend One Online Orientation or Watch a Pre-Recorded Orientation:

Who: Advisor

What: This required training provides an overview of the Advisor role and responsibilities. resources, protocols, recommendations, and policies as Advisors will also be reviewed.

  1. All Advisors must attend one of the following online orientations OR watch a pre-recorded session and complete a quiz.
  2. Complete  Step 3A: Advisor Info Form and select which training you would like to complete.

Zoom Dates:


Action Item:

  1. Advisor must complete Step 3A: Advisor Info Form
  2. Advisor must attend or watch Pre-Recorded Orientation and complete a quiz

Step 4

STEP 4: Review and Sign Electronic Adobe Forms:

Who: President, Treasurer, Facilities Signer and Advisor

What: Once the organization completes steps 1-3, the President, Treasurer, Facilities Signer and Advisor will receive an email from Adobe with the recognition forms. The forms give an overview of campus policies and timelines.

Action Item:

  • Review and sign three electronic Adobe Forms:
    1. OSL Recognized Student Organization Agreement 2023
    2. OSL Facilities Authorization Form 2023
    3. OSL Advisor Supervisor Authorization Form 2023