Note: This program utilizes Blackboard. Be sure to get your password and instructions on how to access MyCSUDH when you register.

Participants will improve their computer, listening, speaking, writing, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is a 36-semester unit graduate program, which can be completed in two years without coming to the Dominguez Hills campus. Courses run 12 weeks each term.

Students will participate on-line using the CSUDH BlackBoard Learning Management System (LMS). Students are required to complete the on-line readings and exercises. Students will also be required to participate by posting responses to instructor's questions and participating in class discussions utilizing the discussion board. See Course Schedule for specific meeting dates and times. The course week will begin on Mondays at 12:00am, and end on Sundays at 11:59 pm. Blackboard tutorials are available at the following website: ►

  Please note: The term for a particular class is based on when the class ends, not when it begins. For example, a course beginning in April and ending in July is a summer class, and you will find it in the summer schedule. Please check the current term plus the next term to determine all of your schedule options.

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Fall 2022 Course Schedule

Major: Distance/Online Learning | Program: Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Master of Arts | * C = Class Canceled *

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept/SecCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor
09/12/202212/02/202243178NCR 503 41Ethics of NCRP3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
09/12/202212/02/202243179NCR 503 42Ethics of NCRP3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
09/12/202212/02/202243180NCR 504 41Theories of Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963B Jarrett
09/12/202212/02/202243181NCR 507 41Research Design & Intrepretation3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963P Kreiser
09/12/202212/02/202243186NCR 508 41Communication and Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
06/20/202209/09/202243187NCR 522 41Negotiation Tactics3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
06/20/202209/09/202243188NCR 522 42Negotiation Tactics3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
09/12/202212/02/202243189NCR 525 41Mediation3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
09/12/202212/02/202243190NCR 527 41Arbitration3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
09/12/202212/02/202243191NCR 527 42Arbitration3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
09/12/202212/02/202243192NCR 530 41Online Dispute Resolution3.0


ONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
06/20/202209/09/202243193NCR 531 41Marital & Family Mediation3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Whipple
06/20/202209/09/202243195NCR 533 41Labor Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
09/12/202212/02/202243196NCR 545 41Intercultural Conflict Resolution3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
06/20/202209/09/202243207NCR 591 41NCR Capstone Course3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Whipple
06/20/202209/09/202243197NCR 594 41NCRP Independent Study3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
09/12/202209/09/202243198NCR 597 41Directed Reading3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Whipple
09/12/202212/02/202243199NCR 600 41Graduate Continuation Course3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$150B Jarrett

Spring 2023

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept/SecCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor
01/09/202303/31/202325818NCR 504 41Theories of Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
01/09/202303/31/202320033NCR 507 41Research Design & Intrepretation3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963P Kreiser
01/09/202303/31/202327889NCR 507 42Research Design & Intrepretation3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963P Kreiser
01/09/202303/31/202327890NCR 508 41Communication and Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
01/09/202303/31/202327891NCR 522 41Negotiation Tactics3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
01/09/202303/31/202327892NCR 522 42Negotiation Tactics3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick
01/09/202303/31/202327893NCR 535 41Organizational Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
01/09/202303/31/202327894NCR 541 41Restorative Justice & Peacebuilding3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
01/09/202303/31/202327895NCR 591 41NCR Capstone Course3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Whipple
01/09/202303/31/202327896NCR 594 41NCRP Independent Study3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963G Witherspoon
01/09/202303/31/202327899NCR 595 41Special Topics Wills, Trusts, and Elder Care3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963TBD
01/09/202303/31/202327903NCR 597 41Directed Reading3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Castro
01/09/202303/31/202327904NCR 600 41Graduate Continuation Course1.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$150R Castro

Summer 2023

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept/SecCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor
04/03/202306/23/202338126NCR 532 41Dispute Resolution Clinic3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
04/03/202306/23/202338127NCR 537 41International NCRP3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963S Rhodes
04/03/202306/23/202338128NCR 540 41Seminar: Community Conflict3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963R Valree
04/03/202306/23/202338141NCR 543 41Conflict Resolution in Schools3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963A Issa
04/03/202306/23/202338645NCR 503 41Ethics of NCRP3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$963J Swarbrick

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 03/21/23

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