OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at CSUDH


If you want to get involved with the University, joining an OLLI committee is a wonderful way to make this happen. OLLI is a volunteer organization that depends on the involvement of its membership to function and grow. We are looking for individuals that would like to lend their skills to the day-to-day administration of classes, and to planning courses, activities, and publications.

OLLI Volunteers

OLLI Committees

Here are four ways you can share your love for OLLI@CSUDH:

Enrich OLLI@CSUDH Fundraising Committee: This new Committee works with the program leadership and staff to establish a series of fun and learning events to invite members, prospective members and donors to. Tasks include assuring that every OLLI donor feels thanked and valued. We encourage you to be part of this dedicated group. Fundraising training will be provided.

OLLI Speakers’ Bureau: This new group of committed volunteers helps promote OLLI to seniors throughout the South Bay for the purpose of increasing OLLI membership. As part of a team, speakers will work in groups of two to meet, present, and share information about OLLI to others. Whether you and speaking with people or prefer to stay in the background, there is a role for you. All volunteers will be trained.

Ambassador Committee: Members assist with special events, reminder phone calls, special mailings, survey reviews, etc. Committee Members support OLLI instructors in class and represent OLLI at designated South Bay events. Committee members are also responsible for greeting OLLI Members at meetings and events.

Curriculum Committee: Members develop ideas that are the basis for courses, lectures, computer workshops, discussion groups and field trips. They identify instructors from CSUDH faculty, community experts, and OLLI Members, develop class schedules, and publish the OLLI catalog each semester.

Other skills are needed and everyone brings valuable knowledge and experience to the organization. Look for calls for volunteers, or call our OLLI office at 310.243.3208 to say that you are interested in becoming an OLLI volunteer.


OLLI at CSUDH Invites Sponsors and Contributors

CSUDH, through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, provides college-level experiences and activities to community residents 50+ years of age who become members.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to support the goal of expanding OLLI programs to meet the intellectual and social needs of older learners, please contact the OLLI office at (310) 243-3208 or olli@csudh.edu to discuss a tax-deductible donation or sponsorship.

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