OLLI Annual Parking Pass

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at CSUDH

OLLI Annual Parking Pass

Convenience and savings are yours with the OLLI Annual Parking Pass. For an annual parking fee of $20, you will avoid paying $10 per visit/day to park on the CSUDH campus.

How to obtain your OLLI parking placard:

Stop by the OLLI Office for the application form, or call (310) 243-3208 for details.

 Note: Forms must be approved in office before a pass is issued! Proof of OLLI membership is required. 

Credit and debit cards are no longer accepted at the CSUDH Cashier's office. Please be prepared to pay $20 by check, cashier's check, money order, or cash.

Additional Notifications:

The Parking Pass is ONLY permitted to OLLI members. DO NOT SHARE , GIVE, OR BUY a permit for anyone who is not an OLLI Member. Any member violating this rule will have their Parking Permit confiscated and Discount Parking Permit Privileges Revoked!

  • Permit valid for general parking only. Permit is NOT valid for special areas such as reserved, student housing, state car stalls, etc.
  • Failure to display the parking permit in plain sight may cause issuance of a notice of parking violation (citation).
  • Lost/stolen permits will NOT be replaced. A new permit must be purchased. 
  • Park at your own risk. CSUDH assumes NO liability for fire, theft, or other damage to a vehicle or its content.