Transportation Services (Rideshare)

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is defined as the act or instance of sharing rides or transportation among commuters.

The CSUDH Rideshare program serves as a resource for commuters who would like to reduce stress and cut commuting costs by sharing their ride with others. One of our goals is to identify potential carpoolers and/or vanpoolers in targeted areas and assist them in their daily commute to work. If sharing a ride with others isn't exactly your thing, we also promote and encourage several alternatives, such as Biking, Busing, Walking, or Telecommuting.

Our Guaranteed Ride Home Program is like an insurance policy – it’s there when you need it! Employees can rideshare, worry-free, and have a peace of mind knowing that in an emergency they can get where they need to go. (This service is available to registered participants only.)

So check out our menu of services and resources. There's sure to be something that will help make your commute better for you and the environment!