Rideshare (Transportation Services)

What is Ridesharing?

Row of CarsRidesharing is an act or instance of sharing rides or transportation, among commuters.

Our program serves as a resource for commuters who would like to reduce stress and cut commuting costs by sharing the ride with others. One of our goals is to identify potential carpoolers and/or vanpoolers in targeted areas and assist them in their daily commute to work. If sharing a ride with others, isn't exactly your thing -- we promote and encourage several alternatives such as Compressed Workweek (e.g., 4/40, 9/80), Bike, Bus, Walk, and Telecommute.

Our Guaranteed Ride Home Program is like an insurance policy – it’s there when you need it! Employees can rideshare, worry-free -- and have a peace of mind knowing that in an emergency they can get where they need to go. (This service is available to registered participants, only.)

The Benefits Are Endless

Our Incentive Program is like a reward! CSUDH participants earn commuter points good towards the purchase of $50 gift certificate, automatic entry into a monthly drawing, and a special rewards offer to residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Participants enrolled can receive $2 per day, or a valuable discount book providing tremendous savings at a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. In most cases, participants are entered into a regular drawing for $100 gift certificates. For additional information please visit the benefits link to find out how to receive big bucks while ridesharing.